3 reasons Wireless Audio 360 is perfect for your home

By Samsung 28.07.2015

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3 reasons Wireless Audio 360 is perfect for your home

Whether you are hosting a party or listening to music by yourself, get ready for a unique acoustic experience.

Music is our frequent companion. When we're in a sad mood, we listen to classic slow songs on our music players or mobile phones. When we're cheerful, we play upbeat tracks. And when we're simply looking for a relaxing time, we put on serene and uplifting background music. It is something that stays with us through thick and thin.

This year, bring music closer to yourself with the new Wireless Audio 360. The cutting edge device has been designed at a new state-of-the-art audio lab in the US to complement the gift of music. With a harmonious balance of art and science, technology and aesthetics, it is the perfect device for your home and beyond.

Music to the ears

In this day and age, we don't only listen to music; we experience it. We are also used to a surround sound experience – whether we're wearing earphones or are enveloped by the sound of music through the powerful stereo systems in our cars.

With the Wireless Audio 360 speaker's omnidirectional sound, you can enjoy a surround sound experience from the comfort of your own home. No matter which corner of the room you are, you will encounter great sound quality – all through a single speaker. Through Samsung's Ring Radiator Technology, the sound travels in a ring shape around the speaker, much like a ripple effect. As opposed to conventional speakers that project sound in a single direction, the Wireless Audio 360 disperses sound evenly in all directions. So you can seat your guests anywhere in the room to offer them a delightful acoustic experience.


Eye-catching beauty

Our living rooms are often the part of the house we put most effort into, as that's where we entertain the curious eyes of our guests.

We get the best interior design, set up the most premium furniture and decorate the room with beautiful crystal vases and other embellishments.

The speaker's elegant and aerodynamic shape and exterior is befitting of any premium living room or home interior and will give your guests something to talk about. 

It also rivals the bulky conventional speakers that take up too much space or look awkward in a stylish living room. It can easily be set on a table or mounted on a tripod floor stand. If you don't have shelf or floor space available in the room, the R7 offers you the option to mount the speaker from the ceiling. Equipped with built-in battery, the portable R6 offers you the convenience of taking it anywhere in your home or outside, so you can happily plan more garden and pool parties with your friends to have a great time.

Smart usability

Gone are the days when you needed a remote control to operate your speakers. With the Wireless Audio 360's built-in wireless capabilities, you can control your speaker with your smartphone. Use the Samsung Wireless Audio Multiroom App on your phone to organise your playlist, adjust the volume and manage other functions with ease. You can also place speakers across different rooms and take the music wherever you go by dragging and dropping songs through the app.