4 moments you have to capture in 360°

By Samsung 12.12.2016

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4 moments you have to capture in 360°

Capturing moments with a 360° camera and reliving those using VR devices offer a whole new perspective to the watching experience.

While recording films in 360° is a whole different process than normal filming, it helps recording a story exactly how it happens, to give you the chance to watch it and feel like you are in the action. The Gear 360 front and rear lenses capture in 180° horizontally and vertically, giving you a seamless film with a 360° field of view. Once you’ve mastered the 360° filming, you can capture key life stories and watch them again, just like if you were there.
Here are some of the best moments you have to capture in 360° video:


A wedding is always a moment full of emotions, and in order to film it while still enjoying it, it’s preferable to not have to worry about angles and use a 360° camera to record. This will also allow you to relive these precious times later on by transferring the footage to your Galaxy phone and use it on the Gear VR. Remember when filming that you do not need to tilt the Gear 360 as you would a regular camera. Just hold it and go about your day, or put it somewhere in the middle of the action and let it record. 


Hiking or trekking with friends or family is always a peaceful and enjoyable moment. Filming this moment in 360° means that you won’t have to focus on a particular point, as you will be capturing everything around you. Choose to either capture the story with you as the center of the action, holding the Gear 360 in your hand and having it film all around it. This way, you are a character of the story and you can capture even things that you don’t see yourself. Another option, for example if you stop for a picnic, is to place the Gear 360 somewhere and leave it here, acting as an external part of the story. 



When traveling, you want to make sure to capture everything around you and even yourself. Watching this later on will make you feel like you were still there. Capture the unique perspectives around you with the Gear 360 and its bright F2.0 lens. You will be included in the 360° footage, so make sure to remember this! As the Gear 360 is equipped with wide angle lenses, try not to be too close or too far from a particular object as it will most likely be distorted if you are.


Especially during an event like a live concert, you will be too busy enjoying it to record it with a regular camera, and take in account angles and settings. With the Gear 360, just hold the camera and let it capture the moment all around you the easiest way. You can also use only one of the two lenses to capture a 180 angle photo or video of your event. The 3840x1920 high resolution video and 25.9MP photos guarantee to relive real time quality images.