4 tips for a more eco-friendly laundry routine

By Samsung 27.09.2016

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4 tips for a more eco-friendly laundry routine

Small changes in your laundry routine can make a big difference.

Reducing your environmental footprint will lead to money saved, energy consumption reduced and less chemicals exposed to your family. You don't need to completely change your household habits to make a difference. A few tweaks in your chores are a big step forward. Here are 4 tips for a more eco-friendly laundry routine. 

1. Prewash and rinse


If you have badly stained clothes, instead of putting them directly into the washing machine, think about removing the stains first. This will save water and possibly a second washing cycle if the clothes are still dirty after the first load. 

A few basic items that you probably already own can get rid of common stains. Saturated stains caused by tomatoes, mustard or coffee are best removed with white vinegar. Let it sit for 15 minutes before washing. For fresh stains, sprinkle baking soda or salt to absorb most of it before putting white vinegar on the stain.

Save energy by using the Rinse only function of the Addwash washing machine: all you have to do is pause the washing cycle when it reaches the rinse function thanks to the integrated alarm on your smartphone's Smart Control app, and put your pre-washed clothes in it for a quick and water-savvy rinse.

2. Maximise energy efficiency

Try and resist the temptation to wash a few small loads throughout the week and keep your laundry for the weekend. In order to save energy, it's preferable to do laundry only one day and do back-to-back cycles if necessary, rather than small washings throughout the week. This will help retain any heat used to warm up your washing machine, reducing the total energy used for your chores.

3. Optimise laundry capacity

Doing a big load of laundry will save more water as well as being more cost efficient. Also make sure to only run full washing machines to maintain maximum efficiency. The amount of energy used during a washing doesn't vary much depending on the amount of clothes in the machine, so it's better to use it for full loads only. 

The Addwash washing machine comes in 8, 9 and 11.5 kgs. (UAE) and 8, 9 and 12 kgs (GCC), so you can choose the model that's best adapted to your household size and needs and keep the water and energy consumption to an optimum level.


If you happen to have forgotten some items while the wash has already started, fear not – the Add door opens from the outside at any point in the washing cycle, so you can just pause it and add it on!

4. Wear more – wash less

Some clothing items can be worn several times before being washed. Wear your jeans and other trousers more than once to cut back on your laundry routine ecological impact. According to the United Nations Environment Programme*, you can consume as much as five times less energy by wearing your jeans three times at least, washing them in cold water and skipping the drying part. You should change clothes every day, but remember that you don't need to wash them all after a single wearing. If your clothes are not too dirty but you still want to wash them, think about pre-washing them and use the Rinse mode of your Addwash machine to cut back on energy and water consumption.

*Sources: Environmental Research Web, Youtube