7 effortless ways to be eco-friendly today

By Samsung 21.04.2016

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 7 effortless ways to be eco-friendly today

Did you know that an average size tree produces enough oxygen to keep a whole family of 4 breathing for a whole year?

International Mother's Earth Day 2016 falls on April 22nd, and every year is the occasion to celebrate Mother Nature, and take some easy actions to protect our environment and our planet.

Because small daily gestures are more impactful that big words, it's the combination of effortless actions by a great number of people that will make a difference.

Let's review 7 effortless ways to be eco-friendly on a daily basis to reduce our impact on the environment, starting today.

Stop using plastic

1. Stop using plastic

3 million tons of plastic are produced around the world every year.

Plastic is everywhere: shopping bags, cups, food containers, straws and even chewing gum!

Buying biodegradable alternatives would be one of the actions to take to slow down the process of destruction going on today.

Did you know? Every bit of plastic ever made is still around somewhere on the planet today.

Little gestures like taking a cloth bag to do groceries, buying milk in paper cartons or using biodegradables bin bags for your home reduce the impact of plastic usage on our environment. Make sure you join the movement today!

Go further: Make your own yoghurt or bread to avoid encouraging disposable containers and reuse your own containers whenever possible.

2. Plant your own tree

Give back to Mother Nature this year by planting your own tree.

Your newly planted tree can absorb carbon dioxide and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Did you know? Every year, one acre of trees will absorb 26 pounds of carbon dioxide. This represents the amount of CO2 rejected by a car driven for 26,000 miles.

Plant your own tree

A perfect family activity and a great environmental gesture, planting a tree will help create a healthy ecosystem around it, providing food and shelter for birds and other animals.

Go further: Don't only plant a tree on International Mother Earth day, but try and plant them throughout the year. Having a tree around a house rises up its value by 20%, reduces your carbon footprint and beautifies your house.

Use eco-friendly appliances in your home

3. Use eco-friendly appliances in your home

Some washing machines and fridges can be a threat to ecology and increase water or electricity consumption. Use them smartly to avoid overconsumption and useless ecological harm. Make sure you choose the right appliances to act responsibly and sustainably.

Did you know? With a moisture level of up to 70% in the Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator, fruits and vegetables are kept fresh and crunchy for days.

The Twin Cooling™ technology present in the RT7000 Refrigerator allows for a more efficient, independent cooling system with two separate airflows. By allocating thoroughly the resources needed to keep your different types of food cool, this Refrigerator avoids wasting energy and will keep any flavour and texture intact.

Go further: Use no more water than necessary with the Samsung WW9000 Washing Machine. Its four smart sensors will detect the load size and adapt the amount of water needed as well as the best wash program. You don't even have to put the detergent yourself as the machine will adds the exact amount necessary for a perfect wash without wasting any product.

4. Buy sustainable paper

Forests have been vanishing at a rate of 13 million hectares per year.

A way to fight this is to choose recycled paper. When buying notebooks or paper sheets, make sure you choose re-used paper from ethical and sustainable sources. 

Did you know? The fibers in paper can be recycled up to 7 times.

Buy sustainable paper

Not only will you make a difference by preventing environmental destruction, but recycled paper conveys more personality and has a vintage effect that will suit perfectly most notebooks, cards or gift envelopes.

Also, sustainable papers are mostly elemental chlorine free – ECF - or totally chlorine free – TCF -, which makes them safer for workers to produce.

Go further? Printing double sided will also reduce paper consumption on the long term, as well as writing down notes on used paper instead of blank sheets. You can also buy non-tree paper to completely end the usage of trees, such as wheat paper, banana paper, coffee paper, hemp paper, sugar paper and more.

Buy local organic products

5. Buy local organic products

In order to cater to the growing worldwide demand, some companies had to use polluting and soil destructing methods to grow products. Lowering costs on a worldwide scale come with an added cost of repercussions for the environment.

In addition to the plastic needed for food transportation and the ecological impact of planes, and trucks, bringing products from afar is a real ecological struggle.

Did you know? A conventionally grown apple might have been sprayed up to 16 times with more than 30 different chemical products.

One way to deal with is it to buy food products locally. Whether at your local market or at a more regional or even national level, the closer the food is produced, the better for the environment.

Sustainable food production also usually goes hand in hand with less use of pesticide, less processing and overall healthier products.

Go further: Grow an herb garden. Basil, dill, rosemary or oregano, why not growing herbs in your garden? Nothing tastes as good as something you've grown yourself, so time to get involved in your own herb garden!

6. Consume more solar energy

Our sun is the best source for clean energy that doesn't pollute the air or water. 

Using solar power systems help fighting against gas emissions and global warming and should be considered when possible. Solar energy isn't only pure, it is also renewable and potentially unlimited.

Did you know? The Earth receives about 1,366 watts of direct solar radiation per square meter.

Consume more solar energy

In addition of being natural and sustainable, this type of energy doesn't require much maintenance and can be adapted to various types of usage.

Go further: Many accessories based on solar power are now available. Use solar energy to charge your phone, your laptop or batteries.

Use public transports

7. Use public transports

Metro, buses, tram, ferries, hybrid taxis and even bicycles are now available in most cities across the region and regular use of public transportation can make a huge difference in carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Did you know? A person switching a 20 miles commute by car to the same commute by public transports will reduce his or her annual carbon dioxide emission by 4,800 pounds.

Convenient and reliable, the land transportation infrastructure in the Gulf is being improved and ameliorated constantly.

In addition to reduce road accidents and increase traffic fluidity, using public transports is often cheaper and contribute to reducing the environmental footprint caused by.

Did you know? Over half a hectare of forest is needed to remove the carbon dioxide produced by a car in one year. This is equivalent to a football pitch sized forest.

Choosing an ecologically sound mode of transport and leaving the car at home.

Go further: Try and avoid taking planes and prefer trains or buses to travel short distances. Planes participate to a global level to our collective footprint. Also, planes have three times more impact on environment because it releases water vapour and nitrous oxide at a higher altitude.

These 7 effortless ways to be eco-friendly can be actioned today. If we all take the matter on to our own hands, our efforts will add up and significantly impact our environment on the long term. Let's take action today. Happy Mother's Earth Day!