Delight your senses with Samsung’s new SUHD TV

By Samsung 08.11.2015

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Delight your senses with Samsung’s new SUHD TV

Enjoy superb SUHD quality with cutting-edge technology on Samsung’s latest SUHD TV, JS7200.

If you're fond of Samsung's SUHD series and all things new, then it's time for us to tell you more about the newest member of the family. With the JS7200, a dynamic SUHD and interactive multimedia experience awaits you. The latest addition to the SUHD TV line-up brings great picture quality and an engaging television experience to your home and beyond. Powered by the Tizen platform, it also offers seamless interaction and great convergence.

With 50", 55'' and 60" screen options, the JS7200 can be perfect for any room – whether you want a TV for your guest room, for your gym to follow exercises from workout videos, a screen for your child to play video games on, or a set in the living room for cinematic entertainment. The premium bezel, metallic finish and a slim Arc-T stand that raises the screen into the air can suit any décor and look beautiful from any angle.

Quality within your reach

Vibrant displays and incredible brightness will be a delight to your eyes. Enjoy the deep blue sea and clear skies on screen with wonderful clarity. The TV is equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance your viewing pleasure.

picture quality

The Nano Crystal display provides 1.3 times the brightness of certain UHD models and a 1.2 times wider colour gamut. Samsung's Contrast Enhancer intelligently applies varying levels of contrast enhancement to different areas and objects on the screen, creating a dramatic 3D-like effect. With a resolution four times higher than Full HD, the TV allows you to enjoy a picture that is optimised for greater clarity and detail.

Range of entertainment

There can never be a dull moment with your smart TV. From chef apps to excite your culinary skills and fitness apps to help maintain a healthy diet, to educational apps that can keep your children enlightened, the TV is a portal to a variety of entertainment options. A convenient interface makes surfing through options easier. In a time where we are used to predictive text on search platforms and our preferences right in front of us for quick access, it offers an experience in line with such expectations. The smart TV's menu bar, for instance, features your most-frequently-used content, so it is easy to find your favourites, and even recommends new featured content that you may enjoy.

Smooth experience

If you are used to the convenient multi-window options on your Samsung Galaxy phones, then you will enjoy the level of multitasking the TV offers. With the smart TV, switching between various kinds of content is now as easy as changing your TV channel.

If you are watching a video online, you can seamlessly switch to live TV and back. When you return to your video, the TV remembers your activity and picks up and plays your video from right where you left off.

Streaming your TV content to your mobile phone and vice versa can also be a breeze. You can stream the show you are watching on TV to your mobile's screen and continue watching from there. Once you have paired your device with the TV through Quick Connect, you can take advantage of seamless convergence.

streaming TV content