Eat more vegetables daily in 7 easy steps

By Samsung 16.11.2016

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Eat more vegetables daily in 7 easy steps

Nutrient dense and packed with vitamins, vegetables are one of our bodies’ most powerful fuel sources.

Eating fruits and vegetables daily are an important part of being healthy and feeling good. On top of their nutritional value, fruits and vegetables will fill you up, without leaving you bloated or uncomfortable, compared to sugary and processed foods. While fruits are easier to introduce in your diet as their sweeter taste appeal to more people, vegetables can be more difficult to include in your daily habits. Here are 7 tricks to eat more vegetables on a daily basis:

1. Snack smarter

A healthy snack can help you go through the day without indulging in processed or sugary foods. Curb your hunger with the right snacks to get energy at the right times and bring important nutrients to your body. To avoid temptation, make sure to have healthy snacks available at your desk, in your pantry and even in your purse or car if you are often on the move. A few good options for healthy snacks can be cut vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, peppers or celery.

2. Vegetables-packed breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you need to make sure you do it right! The first meal breaks your night fast and start your metabolism, increasing your performances and keeping you full until lunch. Try and include vegetables in your breakfast as much as possible. An easy option to do so is to prepare an omelette. You can add onions, spinach or mushrooms for a tasty, healthy and filling breakfast. You can also implement more vegetables into your meal by juicing them if you are in a hurry.

3. Stock up on the veggies


Try and stock up on seasonal vegetables to get the best quality and freshest products. You can buy them at a local market or decide to buy in bulk and freeze them to keep them longer. If you buy frozen vegetables, make sure to get the ones without added sodium or preservatives. Choose the right fridge to keep your food before you cook it: the Twin Cooling Plus fridge not only will preserve your fresh fruits and vegetables for 2 times longer , but will also keep their taste intact, using the Twin Cooling Plus system to cool different compartments separately, thus avoiding odours to spread.

4. Add more vegetables

An easy way to introduce more vegetables into your daily diet is simply to add more of them onto your dishes. For example, you can make vegetable soups with as many vegetables as you want, using for example carrots, spinach, peppers, kale and more. Pasta sauce can also accommodate many different vegetables, adding in taste and nutrients. Another option is to load your sandwiches with vegetables: add onions, cucumber slices, bell pepper, lettuce or avocado and enjoy your vitamin-packed and flavourful lunch.

5. Forget meat for a day

Pick a particular day in the week, say Tuesday, and make it meat-less. This way, you’ll have to introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet, and probably save some money too. Use meal prep to get ready for the week ahead and prepare your meals in batch to avoid temptations for processed foods on the day. You can use food processors to grate squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

6. Turn your veggies into crisps 

You might like crisps as a snack or side dish already, but this is not your healthiest option. Why not turn your deep fried over salted snack into a healthier version? Oven bake your own vegetables crisps, using for example kale or beans. In addition to the health benefits, these will be cheaper and more fulfilling than a standard bag of potato crisps. Use your baked vegetable crisps as a side dish for lunch, or just as a snack on the go.

7. Indulge in dips

To make your veggies snack tastier, pack them alongside dips whenever possible. There’s plenty of possibilities when it comes to savoury dips. Think about homemade hummus, tzatziki, creamy avocado or salsa to make your cut veggies more appealing for a mid-afternoon snack.