Little-known photography tips and handy camera features

By Samsung 08.10.2015

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Little-known photography tips and handy camera features

Discover photography tips for using special camera features to make your photos come alive.

Looking for an easy way to elevate your photography? Whether you're an amateur photographer or a professional, discover useful photography tips and camera features to improve your exposure, make sharing easy, and much more. 

Merge photos for wow-worthy shots

Lighting can be one of the trickiest parts of photography – with too much exposure, subjects can looked washed-out; too little, and your subject can be obscured in the dark.


Sometimes you only have a short period of time in which to make a decision about your exposure settings: when was the last time you tried to get a group of kids to stay still to take a nice family photo? Camera features like Rich Tones on the Samsung NX2000 (20-50 mm) merge photos with different exposures together, so that you can get the best exposure automatically. Simply select the Rich Tones mode and experience images with soft and vivid colours across the spectrum.

Get natural photos with selfie commands

We are living in the age of the selfie, and the race to take the best picture is on. However, self-timers and camera shake can lead to blurry, unnatural-looking images and stiff smiles among you and your friends.

One of our most helpful photography tips to capture great selfies of all your fun moments is to use Wink Shot, available in cameras such as Samsung NX mini (9 mm). This camera feature lets you autofocus your shot and allows you to give the camera a wink to indicate that you're ready to take the photo – which means no more counting down or shots with your mouth partially open.


Share instantly

"Send me those pictures when you get home!" All photographers have heard their friends urging them to upload and email photos, especially from special occasions like your best friend's wedding or family visits during the Eid holiday. However, processing, uploading and sending photos can be a time-consuming hassle, and with so many requests, it's easy to fall behind. Stay on top of photo sharing with camera features like Tag & Go, available on devices like the Samsung NX mini (9 mm): this photography tip helps you make sure that your photos are available to all your friends immediately. Just tap your camera and the other PhotoBeam-compatible device together once and you can easily transfer the image that you're viewing. Taking an image and sharing it while on-the-go is a breeze.

Follow a moving subject

Have you ever tried to capture a moving subject, but lost it before you were able to get a great shot? Whether you're a sports fan or enjoy quiet nature photography, you can grab on to your chosen subject and experience a wider range of photos using object tracking.

Object tracking

Cameras such as the Samsung ES90 offer Object Tracking AF, which helps you focus on a chosen object.

Just select any object on the camera's display and the Object Tracking AF technology will follow the subject for you, so you can say goodbye to missed shots and out-of-focus subjects for good.

Create a dreamy light image

Creating jaw-dropping special effects used to be a skill reserved for those who are Photoshop experts, but now, many in-camera features allow you to create beautiful images that will leave your friends asking, "How did they do that?" If you've ever wanted to create a dreamy light image, such as fireworks trailing from the sky, headlights on a busy street, or sparklers spelling out your favourite word or name, you can use Light Trace, a camera feature available in the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2. Light Trace helps you take photos of light trails to capture dramatic and beautiful shots, so you can create artistic images with the push of a button.

Trust your auto mode

Not all auto camera features are made alike – some offer less impressive images than can be achieved with in-camera photography modes, while others completely blow typical images out of the water. The Smart Auto 2.0 mode of the Samsung Smart Camera WB150F offers users professional-style photo results by analysing the most important components in any given photo composition. Point your camera at a subject – a beach scene, for example – and Smart Auto 2.0 will discover which of the camera's 16 photo modes will produce the best shot.