Make a statement with your smartwatch

By Samsung 09.11.2015

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Make a statement with your smartwatch

Experience and flaunt the harmony of style and functionality with your Gear S2.

We are used to making a statement with what we wear. From outfits to accessories, many of our wearables reflect our style and individuality. In some cases, they also reflect our mood.

In this tech-savvy age, style has become more than what you see from the outside. While looks matter, functionality is also highly sought. When we choose a car, we don't only seek the best-looking one, but also something that can give us a great driving experience. Similarly, when we buy a smartphone, we look for both attractiveness and a convenient interface, among other factors.

So when it comes to a watch, it's natural to seek the same harmony of style and functionality. If you're looking to make a style statement while enjoying functionality that can assist you in your daily tasks, then Samsung's Gear S2 smartwatch will be a delight to use.

The Gear S2 is more than an embellishment for your wrist or a time-telling machine. It is your facilitator and communicator. With smart technology, it keeps you connected with the world and helps you track your activities when needed.

Featuring a new design, it has come full circle to turn your world around. The new circular dial not only demonstrates eye-catching beauty, but also adds a layer of functional convenience. The durable stainless steel body attractively sets atop your wrist, while the 1.2" Super AMOLED display offers clarity in both bright daylight and dark nights.

At the turn of your finger

Fishing through your purse for your phone or digging into your pocket every time you get a message can turn out to be a hassle.


With the Gear S2 on your wrist, you can easily check and reply to the messages through your smartwatch. Its new circular dial allows you to scroll through your messages with the simple twist of the bezel.

You can also turn the bezel to sift through apps, view notifications or zoom in on maps, among other functions.

When you're on the go, it can be important to have the convenience to connect with others quickly – whether it is a reminder for your spouse to pick up the kids or a swift reply to a friend's message. On the Gear S2, you can type or reply to text messages on the touchscreen's keyboard and send emojis to your friends. 

Healthy lifestyle

Are you a fitness pro? Gear S2 can be your personal trainer, coach, evaluator and companion. Measure your pulse with the heart rate tracker, compare your water and caffeine intake, calculate the number of steps you've taken with the pedometre and monitor daily activity levels.

The Gear S2 will be with you along the way to encourage and supplement your active lifestyle.

When you are walking, running or cycling, it can automatically detect and record your physical activity and prompt you to move more.

It can also demonstrate your different activity levels throughout the day – such as healthy activity, light activity and inactive time – in a colour-coded format to help you keep track and adjust your routine, if needed.

tracking health

Personal music player

Do you like to travel light during a jog or a casual stroll in the city? With enough space to store around 300 songs, your Gear S2 can be your hands-free music player. Put on your Bluetooth headphone and play your favorite tracks as you walk along the street, jog across the park or even browse stores at the mall, without the need of carrying a music player. Aside from using the touchscreen to control your music, you can rotate the bezel to change tracks during playback.

Style icon

If you want to complement your fashion sense, you can even make your style statement by customising the watch according to your taste.

watch face

Similar to a smartphone, you can change the Gear S2's dial background, lovingly called the 'Watch Face.' The device features a range of Watch Face designs, courtesy Italian designer Alessandro Mendini.

From bright and colourful options to more subtle and sophisticated hues, you can change the Watch Face to match your different looks.

If you want to go for the full look, you can change the bands according to your mood. The box comes with one standard and an additional band, but you can always buy different straps to define your style. No need to change your watch to match every outfit. Simply change the band and match your accessories to your clothes.

Power up

When you want to give your watch a rest, there are different charging options.

Plug it into the travel adapter or conveniently place it on the wireless charging dock that comes in the box.

wireless charging