Planning a wedding? Keep track with your smartphone

By Samsung 24.11.2015

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Planning a wedding? Keep track with your smartphone

Find out how to use your Galaxy smartphone while planning the wedding you have been dreaming of for years.

You've finally reached that moment you both have been waiting for, but now you are faced with a number of challenges, and a to-do-list longer than you ever imagined. You can no longer keep track of all necessary pre-wedding activities in your head. To avoid forgetting important dates, meetings, invitation deadlines and phone calls with friends and family, keep track of all wedding details using your Galaxy smartphone.

The Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+ offer features that are perfect for brides and grooms making plans for their big day – from choosing your top five contacts, to synchronising your schedule on all devices, to battery life that will get you through your very long planning day; get started on planning your wedding and make sure all your tasks are covered. 

Get your checklist ready

Weddings vary from country to country based on traditions that have been followed for generations. But there are some things many weddings have in common: they all take a great deal of effort and special attention to detail.


A typical wedding would include selecting a venue, finding a dress and tux, selecting the best hairstylist and make-up artist, finding the most befitting cake, selecting the best photographer, choosing flowers, food, music, finding a honeymoon location, and that is only the half of it.

So where would we be without a checklist?

There are too many activities on the wedding schedule to leave out a detailed checklist.

Forget a written list; use your Galaxy Note5 for making checklists and maintaining them at any time. Set-up your calendar to include important dates, meetings and phone calls; this way your phone will send you reminder alerts and notifications.

For top priority activities, such as choosing the right venue, finding the best cake and choosing the perfect ceremony theme, it is important to take notes and photos to document these appointments. As you tour various venues, and taste test at multiple bakeries, use your Note5 to snap high quality pictures and take notes using the S Pen.

On the go

Wedding planning entails spending a lot of time on the go, and this sometimes means that your significant other gets left out of the planning loop. Use your Galaxy S6 edge+ to prioritise your top contacts, making it easy to call or quickly send updates to your partner throughout the day. Your top contacts and apps are waiting for you at the edge of your screen; by colour coding your contacts, it becomes easier to send messages and receive important phone calls without wasting much of your valued planning time.

As you try on dresses and tuxes, send your favourite options to the top five favourite people in your circle; this way you can send and get feedback from loved ones who were not able to make it to the appointment.

Even though you have been out all day taking photos, videos and sending messages, you do not have to worry about your phone dying because of the enhanced battery life of your Galaxy smartphone; if your phone does reach low battery, you can continue with your day, as charging with your cordless charger makes it easy to stay on the go.

When your day is finally finished, you can easily make adjustments to your checklist and view your list for the days to follow.

taking photos
Tab S2

Final planning stage

You're finally at the point in your planning phase when you can sit down and iron out the details. Multi-tasking is important at this stage and your Galaxy Tab S2 is perfect for this. Share all of your photos, notes and videos on the tablet's screen, making it easier for you and your partner to see the same images and make decisions. Manage your invitations, develop seating charts and send reminders without having to close out your screens. This way you can get all the hard work out of the way faster.

By the end, you can celebrate the fact that you have made it this far without forgetting any of the important tasks you had to complete. Using your smartphone to manage important wedding plans becomes convenient for keeping all of your information in one place, such as important locations, phone numbers and RSVP's.

Planning a wedding can be blissful and stressful all at once. Lower your stress levels and stay organised by putting all of your wedding details into your smartphone. Managing your photos, quickly getting in touch with your circle and multi-tasking are vital to wedding planning, so make it easier and get the help you need from your smartphone.