Smart apps that enhance your TV experience

By Samsung 15.11.2015

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Smart apps that enhance your TV experience

How you can do much more with your Samsung Smart TV.

After a long day, sitting on the couch and watching television can be a major form of relaxation. It's a chance for you to unwind and turn your mind away from all the tensions of the day.

With smart TVs, such as Samsung's SUHD TV, you can do much more and make the experience more enjoyable. The television's Smart Hub, for instance, is your gateway to entertainment. If you are bored of traditional linear TV, the hub offers you a wide variety of options to make your television experience engaging – from movies and games to latest news and social media. Smart TVs can also help ease your day-to-day activities by offering helpful planning resources and other tools.

Check out some Samsung Smart TV apps and features that enhance your TV experience.

Briefing on TV

Briefing on TV

If you're too drowsy and puffy-eyed in the morning to remember your agenda for the day or too tired to check the weather, you can rest assured that Samsung SUHD TV's Briefing on TV will be there to serve you. The nifty feature can be connected with your smartphone's alarm.

When the alarm rings on your phone, the TV will automatically switch on and feature the date, time and latest weather update. You'll know when to pack an umbrella or leave a bit early to beat the traffic on a foggy day. The feature can also be synced with the Google calendar on your smartphone in advance, to show your schedule for the day on the TV screen along with the other updates. 

MP3 Quran app

Launched during Ramadan to make reading the Quran easier, the MP3Quran app can be a useful resource throughout the year. The app features the Quran in both text and audio format, which allows you to grasp the correct pronunciations during recitation.

It contains content in six languages – Arabic, English, French, Deutsch, Spanish and Russian – which includes written and audio translations to help you get a deeper understanding through explanation of the verses. Following up on where you left off is also easy with a bookmarking option. The app comes pre-installed in all new Samsung Smart TV models. For older models, it can be downloaded from the Samsung TV apps store.

MP3 Quran App

Online TV

Don't feel restricted to linear broadcast channels. If there aren't any interesting movies or TV shows playing, you can use the various video-on-demand and web TV apps available on your Samsung Smart TV.

Online TV

The Smart Hub lists various movies and TV shows that you can view on demand for entertainment and instant gratification.

The app, icflix, also offers a range of Jazwood, Hollywood and Bollywood content in languages such as Arabic, English and French. Another video-on-demand option is OSN Play by television network OSN, which features content such as movies, TV series and sports shows.

Game on

If gaming is your passion, then playing on a large screen will be a special treat.

Enjoy the adrenalin rush that comes with high speed chases across the city or scoring a goal right before half time with the life-like quality of Samsung SUHD TV.

Smart Hub Games Panel


Explore Smart Hub's games panel for game recommendations or download your favourite multiplayer apps and let the fun begin. From Angry Birds to Air Force, you can enjoy a wide range of arcade, shooting, sports, board and party games.

Options galore

Samsung Smart TVs are designed to give you what you really want and match your lifestyle, with smart apps that make life at home more fun and full of great experiences. Chefs will love the food app, while sports fans will cheer the dynamic sport app. It also has a fitness app for those who want to stay in shape and an art education app that's great for kids.