Tips to capture great videos with your smartphone

By Samsung 11.01.2016

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Capture great videos

Whether you’re an amateur videographer or want to document precious moments, learn how to take great videos from your phone.

Whether you're creating a staged video for work projects or want to capture spontaneous moments while on your beach vacation, the digital camera on your smartphone will come in handy. Adjust your video settings, select a mode, edit videos on the spot with different video apps, and share them with your friends, family or co-workers using your smartphone.

Video settings

When it comes to creating high quality videos using your phone, start by adjusting your video quality. On most smartphones, you can visit settings and adjust your videos so that images and pictures are on the highest setting, which enhances video resolution. This way, regardless of where you shot your video, the imagery will be clear and you can save some time with editing.

Using landscape mode

Make a conscious effort to turn your phone so that your videos are shot in landscape mode. Videos on smartphones are best shot in landscape mode because it catches more of the picture than it would in portrait mode. It is the most effective option to properly display your background so that your audience gets the entire picture.

landscape mode

Go blur free

Sometimes videos shot on smartphones have the tendency to come out blurry due to the slightest movements while recording, or even lack of lighting in the area where you are shooting. The best way to avoid blurry videos is to prop your phone up on anything that will hold it stable or by using a tripod. Another way to keep your videos blur free is to add more light by turning on the flash or moving to an area that offers more natural lighting.

Lighting is key

Finding the best place to shoot your video may not always be an option. Rather, adjust the lighting to your environment – whether you are indoors or outdoors. If it is dark outside or you are in a shaded area, be sure to have your flash on.

Explore modes and features

Smartphones come with many built-in modes that can be used to enhance the quality of videos. The digital camera on both the Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+ are better than ever and are perfect for catching videos of the highest quality – from UHD video that lets you capture the clearest imagery for every moment to auto real-time HDR which catches each detail in your background, down to the rose bush in the distance.

digital imaging stabilisation

Samsung smartphones have digital imaging stabilisation and optical image stabilisation to help create steady and focused videos. An exciting feature of both the Galaxy Note5 and S6 edge+ is the collage feature that gives you the chance to make four-sided videos with each frame offering a different story.

Burst shots and slow motion

If you are using your Galaxy Note5 to shoot videos, add a little character and flair to them by using features such as burst shots and slow motion. Burst shots give you the chance to freeze action shots, while slow motion makes action more exciting as you slow down moments that may normally happen quickly.

Video editing apps

Once your video is complete, add more effects, fix the lighting and make other enhancements by downloading one of the many video editing apps. For videos with a professional flair, add as many effects as you see fit. Editing apps could work for a range of videos, including professional ones and those done for fun. A little editing can go a long way in setting the mood of your video for your audience.

Sharing videos

When the process of creating your video is complete, the next natural step is sharing the video you worked so hard on. From e-mail to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more, your sharing options are almost endless. Whether you created your video for a team project or as a way to document family memories, easily share via e-mail and social media with a click of a button. When shooting with a Galaxy Note5 or S6 edge+, you can even try live broadcasting on YouTube to allow others to share the moment with you.