A Day with the Gear IconX
Smart living

Featuring a stylish design and a cord-free earbuds, the Gear IconX was designed to help you listen to your favourite music - making your daily commute more enjoyable and helping you get more from your listening experience.
Join us and discover a snapshot of an average day with the Gear IconX.


What is QLED TV and Why You’ll Want One?
Smart living

When you’re in the market for a new TV, you want something that has a wow factor. And with all the latest advancements in TV technology and design, finding the best one can be overwhelming and challenging – not anymore!


Meet the washer that gets how busy you are!
Cutting Edge

Make space for a new laundry innovation, designed to offer two washers in one machine, giving you more choices to do laundry the way you want, in all types of situations. We are providing you with the most advanced, flexible laundry solution to meet the needs of your busy modern life. Meet FlexWash.


Galaxy Note 8… REVEALED
Cutting Edge

Our lives are full of things we want to achieve. Whether we are trying something new or perfecting something old, each day comes with its own set of challenges. At Samsung, we believe thinking that you can’t is the greatest barrier to progress, so with each new device and service, we aim to find ways to help you unleash your potential.