Whether your laundry area is a small closet or spacious room, having the right appliances and a good system of organisation can make cleaning clothes less of a chore. After all, a bright, orderly space is a welcoming one, and a nicer place to do something that has to be done.

Published: September 16, 2010

Upgrade Your Appliances

As long as your old appliances work, you might not think you need an upgrade, but they could be costing more than you think. Look into high-efficiency laundry appliances that save on water and energy costs. High Energy Rated washers can save you money on your utility bills. Look for innovative appliances like dryers with steam technology that reduce the need for ironing and dry cleaning which also saves time, money and energy or EcoBubble washing machines with A+++ energy ratings.

Stack Your Appliances

By stacking your front-loading washer and dryer, you'll save space and won't have to worry about straining your back while unloading laundry. Stacking kits make it easy and safe to attach the appliances on top of each other—and you’ll free up space for other laundry essentials like a folding table, ironing board or a drying rack.

Consider Adding Colour

The laundry room is the perfect place to take a style risk with a bolder hue than you might choose for a kitchen appliance. Have fun with it. Go beyond basic white and indulge in a bright red, orange, or blue washer and dryer set. The splash of color will make the room more inviting, and doing laundry won't seem quite so tedious.

Clean Up the Clutter

Streamline your routine by organising and storing laundry supplies by type and arranging them where they'll be used. For example use a caddy to organise and store bleach, stain removers, detergents and laundry boosters by the washer. Do the same for fabric softener and dryer sheets, but store them near the dryer. Keep separate bins or bags for lights, darks, delicates and dry cleaning to help with pre-sorts and a small container for mismatched socks or loose change is also a good idea.

Ironing and Household Ergonomics

Laundry can be physically challenging. If you have to iron, make sure the board is at a comfortable height that doesn't require hunching over. As a general rule, the top of the ironing board should be level with your hip, and the same goes for a folding table or counter.