Your recommendations for a family movie night

By Samsung 29.09.2015

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Your recommendations for a family movie night

As cutting-edge TVs bring the cinema experience to your home, we asked you to suggest movies for a family night in. Here is what you had to say.

Movie nights with the family are always fun. Sharing popcorn, passing on tissues and laughing together while watching a new movie at the cinema are memorable moments that can never be replaced. Perhaps more memorable than that are moments you spend re-watching childhood movies together: The joy of re-kindling memories, repeating memorised dialogues and laughing at inside jokes.

But rarely do you get a chance to have a cinema experience for old movies from your childhood days. Some cinemas in the region have featured older movies such as Titanic and Gone with the Wind, but they are not shown on a regular basis. The good news is, you don't have to wait for the cinema releases to watch them on the big screen with your family. With TV screens stretching up to 88 inches (such as the Samsung SUHD TV) and delivering outstanding quality, you can enjoy a cinema experience at your home.

For instance, the SUHD TV's sensational picture, spectacular colour and superb detail is a delight to watch. It offers 2.5 times the brightness, twice the contrast and 64 times more detailed colour expression than a conventional UHD TV.

Pair that with the Curved Airtrack, Home Theatre System or the new Wireless Audio 360 speakers and experience dynamic surround sound.


Add to that the comfort of your own couch and you're ready for your cinematic journey with amazing visuals and clear, omnidirectional sound.

So, when you can bring the theatre to your home, why not make every night a movie night?

Through our social media channels, we asked you which movies you would recommend for a movie night with the family. Interestingly, most of the suggestions were old movies. Here are your recommendations:

Rush Hour

This fun, action comedy featuring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker hit the screens in the late 1990s. The movie showed two law enforcement officials from different parts of the world with conflicting personalities unwillingly pair up to rescue a Chinese consul's kidnapped daughter. A string of Kung Fu sequences and the funny banter and clashes between the two main characters had the audience engaged throughout. The movie did well enough to have a series of sequels.

Baby's Day Out

What happens when you mix comedy of errors with an adorable toddler? A hilarious movie such as Baby's Day Out. This 1994 family comedy revolves around the adventurous journey of a toddler who escapes his kidnappers and gives them a run for their money in their attempt to re-capture him. The movie had us going 'awww' every now and then and holding our sides in laughter as the toddler cruised around the city, getting the better of clumsy adults trying to catch him.

Back to the Future

This late 1980s comic science fiction trilogy was a treat for technology enthusiasts and non-techies alike. It not only hyped up the concept of time travel but also featured futuristic gadgets and gave us a glimpse of Smart Home technology. While the first movie showed a young man using a time machine to travel to the past to ensure that his parents unite, the sequels showed him travelling to a future where smart glasses, fingerprint recognition and advanced home automation systems were common.

Gone with the Wind

This Academy award-winning classic was one of the top romance movies of the 1930s. Adapted from the 1936 novel by Margaret Mitchell, the movie featured a love story set during the American Civil War. It spun a web of love and emotions that is still remembered decades later. Last year, some UAE cinemas screened the movie to mark its 75th anniversary.