RH77H90507F Side by Side with Food Showcase, 768L

Food Showcase Metal Cooling Digital Inverter Technology
Food Showcase

Food Showcase

Metal Cooling

Metal Cooling

768 ℓ

Net Total(Liter)


Net (WxH)(mm)


The ShowCase

Samsung RH9000 refrigerator Designed for the way you live—and the way your family eats. Things you grab most often are front and centre, so everyone can easily find what they want.

Benefit 1 Feature 1


The InnerCase

Meat, fruit, vegetables and other items accessed less often are stored in the perfect conditions.

Benefit 1 Feature 2


All-Around Cooling

Keep food fresh anywhere you put it. Each shelf has multiple vents to maintain an even and constant temperature throughout. So everything always keeps its cool.

Benefit 4 Feature 1


Built for Cool

The metal door has beauty and brains. It keeps the food and drinks in your ShowCase extra-cold, even with frequent opening and closing.

Benefit 4 Feature 2


Space that Works

Customisable door pockets and a Slide & Fold shelf means your space adapts to fit food and containers of any shape or size. So your refrigerator can change just as quickly as your life.

Benefit 2 Feature 1


Just for Kids

Even the smallest family members can see—and reach—their own snacks and drinks.

Benefit 2 Feature 2


Timeless Beauty

With its premium refined steel finish, ice blue display and clean lines that work in harmony with your kitchen, it’s as beautiful as it is brilliant.

Benefit 3 Feature 1


Ice & Water Dispenser

With its refined steel finish and clear, ice blue display, the Ice & Water Dispenser offers chilled filtered water or cubed or crushed ice, all at the touch of a button.

Benefit 3 Feature 2


Bright Inside

Slim LED lights gently brighten every corner so you can see it all—with less heat. It’s an energy-efficient way to keep food fresher.

Benefit 3 Feature 3
  • Ice Master

    Built into the door so it frees additional shelving in the freezer. Plus, it can store up to 2.2kg and shows you exactly how much ice you have left.

  • Wonderfully quiet

    Energy-efficient and whisper-quiet, this fridge will be seen (and admired), but not heard.

  • Deep drawers

    Deeper, bigger drawers give you huge amounts of storage space in the fridge and the freezer. Perfect for busy families who like to feed a crowd.

A Closer Look

  • Tame fridge chaos forever with clearly defined zones for frequently used foods in the ShowCase door.

    Meanwhile, deep inside, large and longer-lasting items are kept in perfect freshness.

    A Closer Look
  • Chilled, filtered water. Cubed or crushed ice. Right at your fingertips.

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  • Control of the ShowCase is as easy as the touch of a fingertip with the gorgeous stainless steel look display with ice blue LED showing temperature and other information.

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  • Refined steel hairline with metal recessed handles ensures your fridge is the centrepiece of the kitchen.

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  • The Kids Case is perfectly situated so the littlest members of the household can help themselves.

    A Closer Look
  • 768 ℓ Net Total(Liter)
  • 908x1774 Net (WxH)(mm)

How much free space is allowed when setting up the side by side refrigerator in an area?

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The Sides, The Outside Cabinet And door gasket touch area Occasionally Feel Hot

The Sides, The Outside Cabinet And door gasket touch area Occasionally Feel HotSee The Answer

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