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Meet the all-new Smart Hub with instant access
to exciting entertainment experience.
You can have a variety of Smart TV functions and
that’s like having several TVs in one. A greater
variety of entertainment contents are
intelligently organized into Smart Hub panels
that are easy to navigate and fast responding.



More movies and TV shows for you to enjoy

We have upgraded and nearly doubled the amount of units for the 2014 Movies & TV Shows Panel. Now you can really enjoy a wider range of VODs that match your taste. The new Dynamic UX provides a quicker and easier way to access all of your favorite movies and TV Shows. Now the only question is whether you have enough time to watch everything you want!


Recommendation & Dynamic UX

Always find something to watch

Get more recommendations that match your viewing preferences*. The default layout displays 12 units of content to watch, six for movies and six for TV shows. Over time, Smart Hub picks up on your viewing habits and changes the layout automatically, displaying more movies than TV shows or vice versa. When you browse through the list of movies and TV shows, you can quickly preview information about the content by placing the cursor over the thumbnail, thanks to the dynamic UX. Hit the Refresh button, and it’ll refresh available content in the Recommendation category, which also shows what’s been newly added and is most popular at the moment. With Smart Hub’s ever-growing list of movies and TV shows, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you.

* You must agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to receive recommendations based on your personal preferences.
If you are not logged in, Smart Hub will recommend the most popular programs in your country at the time.

movies 10 movies | 3 TVshows / Default 6 movies | 6 TVshows / TV Shows 4 movies | 9 TVshows

* Images are for illustrative purposes only.
* Smart Hub UI may be updated at a later date.
*The availability of the panel differs by region.