Present - 2005

Global Top Company,

With the success of its electronics business, Samsung has been recognized globally as a industry leader in technology and now ranked as a top 10 global brand.


  • Announced plan to acquire HARMAN (Acquisition completed March 2017)
  • Announced comprehensive roadmap to enhance long-term shareholder value creation
  • Acquired Dacor, Joyent and Viv Labs
  • Started industry’s first mass production of system-on-chip with 10-nanometer FinFET Technology
  • Introduced world’s first Universal Flash Storage (UFS) removable memory card Line-up, offering up to 256-Gigabyte (GB) capacity
  • Brought Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge to the global market
  • Began mass producing world’s fastest DRAM – based on newest high bandwidth memory (HBM) interface
  • Revealed spectacular 2016 SUHD TV lineup to begin a new decade of global TV leadership


  • Maintained No.1 position in the global TV market for 10 consecutive years
  • Began mass production of the industry's first 12Gb LPDDR4 mobile DRAM
  • Unveiled SleepSense, a personal sleep monitoring device that helps people improve the quality of their sleep
  • Launched the Gear S2, a stylish smartwatch with a versatile circular design and rotating bezel
  • Began mass production of the industry's first 256Gb V-NAND flash memory
  • Launched the mobile payment service, Samsung Pay
  • Acquired YESCO, an American-based manufacturer of LED displays, and launched its LED signage business
  • Unveiled the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge with the world's first curved display on both sides
  • Announced mass production of industry's first 14nm FinFET mobile AP


  • Ranked as the 7th most valuable brand in the world, in Interbrand’s 'Best 100 Global Brands 2014' report
  • Unveiled the Galaxy Note Edge, the world's first smartphone with a curved edge screen, along with the Gear S, the first wearable device featuring 3G connectivity
  • Acquired SmartThings, a U.S.-based IoT (Internet of Things) platform developer
  • Renewed Samsung's agreement with the IOC, extending its sponsorship of the Olympic Games through to 2020
  • Opened a new semiconductor factory in Xi'an, China
  • Released the world's first 105" curved UHD TV
  • Started DRAM mass production with the industry's first 20nm process technology (4Gb DDR3)
  • Unveiled the world's first 85" bendable UHD TV


  • Launched Galaxy S4 in the global markets
  • Began mass producing the world's first 20 nanometer 4Gb ultra high-speed mobile DRAM


  • Took 9th place among global top 100 brands with a brand value of USD 32.9 billion
  • The LCD business was sent to Samsung Mobile Display


  • Began construction of the 7.5G LCD manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China
  • Signed a patent sharing license agreement with IBM


  • Became the #1 global electronics company in sales
  • Acquired the medical equipment company, Medison
  • Began mass producing 20nm-class, 64-gigabit 3-bit NAND flash memory
  • Merged with Samsung Digital Imaging
  • Launched the Galaxy smartphone series with the Android OS


  • Developed the world's first 40 nanometer DRAM
  • Samsung's brand value was ranked No. 19 in the world by Interbrand's 2010 Best Global Brands


  • Established TV manufacturing in Russia


  • Became an official Olympic technology sponsor


  • Developed the world's first 40 nanometer 32Gb NAND flash memory, 50 nanometer 1GB DRAM memory
  • Became an official sponsor of the Paralympic Games
  • Became #1 in global TV market share


  • Became the official sponsor of Chelsea, the English Premier League football club
  • Developed world's first 50 nanometers 16Gb NAND flash memory