Memory for Life

Memory / Storage

Memory / Storage

Solid State Drives

Boost PC performance

If you would like your PC to reach its full potential, Samsung has the way. Driven to perform with the utmost speed and reliability under the toughest demands, our SSDs boast leading-edge technology. Your PC will boot faster, load faster and multitask faster than you ever thought possible.


Memory Cards

Expanding possibilities

Taking snapshots and videos on mobile device is a great way to preserve life's most memorable moments. Samsung's high-performance, sleek and secure memory cards ensure your priceless memories are captured just as you remembered them. And safe from water, extreme temperatures, impact and X-rays.

Memory cards

USB Flash Drives

Keep data handy

There are USB flash drives and then there's the ultimate - the Samsung USB 3.0. Sporting a new, modern profile, the USB 3.0 is the next-generation in an advanced lineup of highly portable memory devices.

USB flash drives