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The circular economy is an important developing trend in Europe, which is changing the way businesses view resources. At Samsung Electronics, we have identified two key examples of how we have embraced the synergistic concepts of cost efficiency and resource efficiency which will benefit our business, our customers and the planet.
Resource Efficiency
Our flagship mobile the Samsung Galaxy S7 is made out of aluminium; a permanent material. Unlike other materials like plastics, this means the metal can be recycled multiple times without losing any of the important properties which make it perfect for our most premium mobile phone range.
2015 marked the first time for Samsung Electronics to provide a trade-in service for our flagship products and sell certified refurbished products in Europe. Customers in the UK can purchase Samsung Certified refurbished trade-in products for reduced prices and a 12 month Samsung warranty at www.samsung-outlet.com . We have become a key partner of the WRAP REBus Project with this circular business model for tackling issues of recyclability, re-use, e-waste, product lifetimes, reparability and behaviour change.
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