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The mystery of the missing sock is finally solved! Whilst leading scientists have been wracking their brains to develop a formula explaining why one item is always left out the wash, we couldn’t just stand by and watch so we thought we’d contribute by developing the solution – Our revolutionary new AddWash™ washing machine and its unique extra door.

We’ve all been there. Walking back from the wash after it has started only to discover a stray sock disdainfully taunting us from the staircase. In fact, around 90% of consumers we surveyed told us they wanted to put more clothes in the washing machine after a wash cycle had started. That’s why we've put some of the world's leading minds together to not only determine why one sneaky sock always goes astray, but more importantly to put a final stop to odd socks wandering around. Introducing AddWash™ – the first washing machine you can add items to mid-cycle*.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your missing socks after a wash? Is it Gremlins? Are they sucked into another dimension? Samsung AddWash™ has created a formula to solve this mystery.

The mystery of the missing sock is no more!

To solve one of the great mysteries of all time, we assembled a crack team of scientists - Chartered Psychologist Dr. Simon Moore and statistician Dr. Geoff Ellis - and set them to work. Their research found Brits lose an average of 1.3 socks each month (and more than 15 in a year), leaving them with numerous mismatches. With the average Brit living to 81, these cleaning catastrophes lead to the equivalent of 1,264 lost socks per person over a lifetime, costing the average person a whopping £2,528!

Enter Samsung, and our engineers. It seems like a simple idea but AddWash™'s innovative second door offers salvation to the lonely and left behind – simply drop in extra items during the wash cycle*. No more odd socks!

Kind to the odd sock and so much more

What goes for missed garments is also true for extra softener or rinse only items you want to add to a started load, making the whole laundry process that much more efficient really.

Now that the laundry has been sorted and added, let’s not forget about all the other features we have included to give you great washing results. Like our Bubble Soak intensive stain removal option for the toughest of, well, stains. Or our clever ecobubble™ technology that mixes air, water and detergent for smashing results even at cooler temperatures, which is better for the environment and your bills.

AddWash™: the smart, simple solution to all those odd socks and more.

Save time and money

Because we know you are as busy as we are, we have packed the AddWash™ range with a host of innovative features like smart troubleshooting and smartphone control**, meaning you can manage any washing cycles from wherever you are - be it the office, the room next door or simply the sofa.

We’ve complimented the time saving perks with some energy saving ones too as all AddWash™ washing machines are A+++ energy rated, meaning they can help reduce your water and energy usage.

To find out more and discover Samsung's full range of energy efficient AddWash™ washing machines click here.

* AddWash™ door can be opened when the drum temperature is below 50oC
**Selected models. Available on Android and iOS.

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