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Samsung School of Rio


Following on from his “successful” endeavours with England Rugby, Jack Whitehall returns to school to learn from the masters of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Put through his paces by some of Britain’s top athletes and sporting legends, Jack tries his hand at rowing, cycling, boxing, dressage and swimming, in his quest to learn from, and wind up, the best that Britain has to offer.

The Samsung School of Rio:

A New Term

The #SchoolOfRio curriculum will cover resilience, stamina, elegance and protection; key features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge smartphones. As well as enhancing the nation’s knowledge and enjoyment of Olympic and Paralympic Games events, these lessons shine a light on the athletes that push the limits of what is possible. A belief that meaningful progress stems from daring to defy barriers is at the very core of our approach to innovative technology.

#SchoolOfRio Lesson 1:

Stamina with Becky James and Sir Bradley Wiggins

Stamina is an essential component of the successful cyclist’s toolkit. Just ask Sir Bradley Wiggins and Becky James, who have certainly clocked up some serious mileage on two wheels. Time to bring Jack up to speed on the significance of stamina, something we take incredibly seriously when it comes to battery life. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have a larger and more efficient battery than ever before, offering up to an incredible 22 hours talk time. What’s more, both the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge also support wireless charging for greater convenience on the go. Let’s walk and talk.

#SchoolOfRio Lesson 2:

Resilience with Helen Glover and Sir Steve Redgrave

Rowing is an incredibly tough sport that requires physical and mental resilience to succeed, something Sir Steve Redgrave and Helen Glover have in abundance. But just how much resilience is in Jack’s locker? At least he can rest assured that his Samsung Galaxy S7 edge won’t let him down when tested by the water*. In fact, both the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge incorporate beautiful design without compromise on durability thanks to their water and dust resistant build*.

*Water & Dust Resistance (IP68). Fresh water resistant to 1.5 metres up to 30 minutes.

#SchoolOfRio Lesson 3:

Protection with Joe Ward and Katie Taylor

The sweet science teaches the importance of defence as well as attack. Ireland’s Olympic boxers Katie Taylor and Joe Ward offer Jack a masterclass in protection, but not before he works out how exactly to enter a boxing ring. We thought it would be useful to sharpen up our Galaxy S7 and S7 edge defences too. With their Gorilla glass build. Knockout.

#SchoolOfRio Lesson 4:

Resilience with Ellie Simmonds and Susie Rodgers

Early starts, countless lengths, endless drills. Swimmers endure a gruelling regime to make it to the top of their sport. Ellie Simmonds and Susie Rodgers take time out from their busy schedules to help toughen up Jack. That’ll be a first. Speaking of which, our Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are also our first Galaxy phones to feature capless water resistance*, so you need not worry if you get a little too close to the edge of the pool.

*Water & Dust Resistance (IP68). Fresh water resistant to 1.5 metres up to 30 minutes.

#SchoolOfRio Lesson 5:

Elegance with Lee Pearson and Natasha Baker

Dressage represents the highest expression of horse training. Luckily ‘elegance’ is Jack’s middle name, as Lee Pearson and Natasha Baker discover. Sort of. You can at least feel effortless elegance with the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. With its beautiful, innovative rear curved designs and compact dimensions, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge fit comfortably in your hand, while the unique edge screen provides a range of functions, including enriched Apps edge and Task edge.

Tour Team GB’s Rio HQ in 360

When our top athletes aren’t going for gold, they’re relaxing at their custom designed HQ in Rio. And now, you can explore British House in 360 and feel just like you’re on Brazil’s sunny shores. Get unrivalled access and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Team GB’s home away from home.

Where to next?

To find out more and keep up to date with the latest from the School of Rio follow @SamsungUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or search #SchoolOfRio.

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