Exploring Smart Technology With Samsung As A Nation Exploring Smart Technology With Samsung As A Nation



Don't worry, we aren't asking you to tell us what you got in your last exams… when we ask how smart you are, we are talking about smart technology and how we all use it.

At Samsung, we believe technology can only ever truly be called 'smart' when it is making people's lives easier, this belief is at the heart of all our product innovation. We know that we need to understand what barriers might be preventing us from taking up new technology and if we are, are we using it in the right way? In short, how 'smart' are we as a nation and how do we get smarter?

These questions were the basis of a recent study we commissioned which asked 1,000 businesses and 2,500 individuals to tell us about their relationship with smart technology and what, if anything was stopping them from using it more.


These findings from the first Samsung Smart Society Barometer, a 'temperature check' on the  nation's relationship with new technology. Results show that as a nation we have an average 'smart' reading of six on a scale of one – 10 (with one being not smart at all and 10 being a smart technology genius). So whilst we might be on our way to becoming a smart nation, we are not yet making the most of the technology available and unlocking the potential benefits of using it in the right way.


What the findings also show is that by not using smart technology as effectively as possible, we have a potential national 'smart' deficit of nearly £10 billion; this is the amount that we could be saving if we accelerate our smart adoption rate.  The first barometer readings show that  there is a real desire for us to move 'up' the 'smart' scale with the feeling that smart technology could have really positive benefits on how we shop, bank and communicate.

So how do we increase our smart score as a nation? Well, we believe the key is in helping people understand and learn the benefits of smart technology. One in four people admit that not knowing what smart technology is and how it can benefit their lives, is why they are not currently investing, whilst one in four businesses acknowledge that the lack of smart adoption is down to it being too time consuming to train people on the new technology.

Smart Deficit Infographic


Our view is that the technology industry needs to invest time and energy into helping people understand what smart technology can mean and the benefits that it can bring. This can start with making classrooms smarter, ensuring technology is integrated into all aspects of young people’s learning, to making sure that businesses know how to make the most of the products that their own workforce is using and making sure our retail staff have the right knowledge to advise their customers on a daily basis.

To find out your smart score, take our Smart Society Barometer test and follow our hints and tips on how to get the best results!

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