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A timeless design

“Like typographers designing a letter, we studied both the object and its interaction with the space around it.” - Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec In profile, SERIF TV forms a clear capital “I” shape. Its slim body broadens at the top to form
a flat surface like a small shelf.

serif tv
serif tv

A charming and
minimal design

SERIF TV is more subtle. It doesn't exude power.
It is made to fit into the world in which we live.

serif tv

Simple and Accessible

Most of the time, design is not about inventing functions but making them simple and accessible. The Bouroullec Brothers adopted this approach when re-designing the existing Samsung TV software, to create a bespoke experience and remote control.

serif tv
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close-up van zwarte serif tv
close-up van onderzijde van witte serif tv
close-up van witte serif tv
witte serif tv staat vóór de sofa - achterkant is zichtbaar
  • side image of large size white serif tv SERIF TV

    Makes a bold centrepiece statement with its generous size and elegant presence. Available in white or dark blue with legs optional.

  • side image of medium size black serif tv SERIF TV MEDIUM

    Blends seamlessly with any room and provides a versatile and exciting viewing experience. Available in white or dark blue with legs optional.

  • side image of mini size red serif tv SERIF TV MINI

    Sits harmoniously in smaller spaces around you, enhancing them with its stunning design. Available in white and red.