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SMART Samsung Chromebook Bundle

This total solution includes:

  • 10 11.6" Chromebook 3s (choice of 2GB or 4GB)
  • 60 SMART amp™ seats / licenses with a one-year subscription
  • 10 SMART online Educator Professional Development modules for one year for a single teacher
  • 10 Google device management licenses

10 11.6" Chromebooks for a Best-in-Class Chrome OS Experience

The Samsung Chromebook delivers an active, engaged student experience with the ultimate combination of best-in-class technology and a low barrier to entry.

  • Large 11.6" anti-glare display with 180˚ hinge makes sharing ideas simple
  • 11-hour battery easily lasts all day, but if for some reason a charge is needed, a 15-minute charge provides 2.5 hours of use
  • Slim, streamlined profile of 0.7" thin, and light weight of just 2.5 pounds makes it easy for young hands to handle

60 SMART amp™ Licenses to Facilitate Group Learning and Collaboration

Designed specifically for the classroom, SMART amp™ learning software enables co-creation and fosters student collaboration on devices, while giving teachers real-time insight into learning and contribution. From anywhere, anytime collaboration and natural learning, to real-time insight for teachers, seamless activity switching and the ability to gauge individual contributions, you can power better digital learning in your classroom—all with simple, universal integration.

10 SMART Online Educator Professional Development Modules for One Year

These modules provide an overview of how to get started with SMART amp™, such as creating a class, and creating and navigating around a SMART amp™ workspace. They also demonstrate the pedagogical teaching approaches that SMART amp™ supports such as direct instruction, small group learning and features tips from teachers who are currently using SMART amp™.

Professional Development Modules Include:

Introduction to SMART amp™, Creating a Class in SMART amp™, Creating a Workspace in SMART amp™, Navigating Around a SMART amp™ Workspace, Efficacy Overview, Real Life Classroom, Using SMART amp™ with Direct Instruction, Using SMART amp™ in a Whole Class Activity, Using SMART amp™ in a Group Activity and Using SMART amp™ in a Student-Led Learning Environment.

10 Google Device Management Console Licenses

The Google Device Management Console is a web-based management console that makes it easy to deploy and control users, devices and apps across all your Chromebooks from a single place. Track assets, create user groups, pre-install and block apps, control user access, configure network access and customize user features.

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