Informative Training Course


1991 : Established to provide training for overseas trade.
1992 : Conducted training for optical transmission systems in Changchun, Harbin and Tianjin in China.
1993 ~ 1996 : Training for SDX-100, SDX-RB, optical transmission systems.
1997 ~ Present : Domestic training for CDMA, WCDMA, High-speed systems.
2007 ~ 2010 : Training for M-WiMAX, OfficeServ, STB, Ubigate
2011 ~ Present : Training for PBX, WCDMA, M-WiMAX, LTE

Customer Training Center of SEC Network Div

As established in 1992, the Customer Training Center has annually trained about 3,000 trainees via 150 training cources. The center improves awareness in products and supports successful business operation through training courses designed based on the needs of customers and partners.

Training Areas & Targets

Mobile Communication : WCDMA, CDMA, WiMAX, LTE
BcN : SoftSwitch, IMS, Access Gateway, Trunk Gateway, DSLAM FTTH

Informative Training Course