Reconnecting Retail


Let’s create meaningful moments in retail

It’s time to inspire, intrigue and amaze with technology that exceeds expectations. Get back to what matters and learn how we’re reconnecting retail with the things that get customers excited and employees motivated.

Samsung retail solutions

From people to products

With innovative shopping technology that engages customers and advanced mobile management solutions that empower associates, Samsung’s retail solutions deliver the future-thinking experiences today’s generation has come to expect.

Two women looking at a fashion advertisement on a Samsung outdoor signage display panel

From front window to back office

We help create a truly connected retail experience with a diverse suite of solutions throughout your store—including high-brightness outdoor and in-window displays that attract people’s attention on the street and mobile devices like tablets that give associates access to real-time information and assigned tasks.

An image of a sale advertisement on a Samsung signage display device in a shopping mall

From interactions to transactions

Offering the ability to deliver personalized messages and customized offers through mobile devices, we enable people to easily identify what they want through a rewarding omnichannel experience—and simply purchase using a variety of technology that includes mobile and stationary POS, tap & pay and self-checkout, as well as POS solutions for associates.

A customer making an online transaction using a tablet at a shop

From security to satisfactions

Samsung mobile devices and Samsung Pay are secured by award-winning1 Samsung Knox security platform, providing built-in defense-grade mobility security. So you can protect sensitive customer and company data from mobile transactions to data-driven insights that help to improve customer satisfaction.  


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A multiple layer of securitized smartphone screens with Knox Solution

1Hevesi, P. “Mobile Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms.” Gartner, Inc.

From engaging to empowering

Mobile assistive selling on Knox secured, customized devices utilizes CRM data to deliver personalized offerings and gives sales associates the ability to access inventory and product information in real-time.

A clerk looking into a smartphone to help his customer