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Comfort All Year Round

Samsung’s Duct air conditioner systems are designed to perform well in any kind of weather, providing you with convenient comfort throughout all four seasons.

Samsung Air Conditioner Duct

The Samsung Slim Duct sits behind the ceiling, discreetly providing the room with stable and efficient air conditioner control. Installation and maintenance are easy thanks to its compact size and weight – the lightest in the industry.

Duct Cooling System

Broad Coverage in Larger Spaces

The Samsung MSP Duct provides powerful yet silent operation with external static pressure control. Its exceptional static pressure enables broad coverage, delivering increased airflow to expansive areas.

MSP Duct - Duct System in Air Conditioning

Robust & Adaptable Performance

With the capacity to handle high external static pressure up to 25 mmAq, the HSP Duct delivers outstanding cooling and heating performance. The unit’s expansive air coverage and flexible installation make it an ideal fit for spaces with high ceilings.

HSP Duct - Ducted Air Conditioning

Freshly Treated Air Supply

Samsung's new Outdoor Air Processing Duct is a fresh air treatment unit with integrated ventilation. Its practical, high-powered operation combines fresh air processing and air conditioning to be extremely efficient.

Duct Outdoor

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Duct Cooling System