Secure. Smart. Smooth.

Whether it’s in branch or on a device, your customers expect exceptional security and service from their banking.
Samsung finance solutions tick both boxes.

Secure. Smart. Smooth. Secure. Smart. Smooth.

Enhanced customer service

Hand your employees Galaxy devices for truly personalised in-branch interactions. Meet customers as they enter, access their data on a Galaxy tablet to help with their enquiries then check appointment availability on a Galaxy Watch. And when you need to get into detail on a larger display there’s Samsung DeX, turning mobile devices into PC-like experiences.

Enhanced customer service Enhanced customer service

Maximise engagement

Make a visual statement. Leave a lasting impression. Do it all with Samsung SMART LED Signage. Deliver superior message clarity and serve relevant content to customers with Samsung SMART Signage in-branch. Customise offers, information and real-time updates with MagicINFO solution. And encourage self-service appointment booking with financial advisers and branch specialists thanks to interactive displays.

Maximise engagement Maximise engagement

Improve productivity

Uncluttered workspaces. Improved efficiency. Healthier working environments. Just some of the advantages of high-resolution and wider curved monitors. And with Samsung SMART Signage offering superior picture quality and opportunities to custom-build screens for specific meeting spaces, meetings are amplified and audiences are engaged.

Improve productivity Improve productivity

Finance in the digital age

Consumers want to manage their finances on their own terms. Find out how Samsung is developing cutting-edge mobile technology with all the security needed for finance in a digital world.

A woman is holding a tablet in her left and is talking to a man, who is looking at the tablet screen. A woman is holding a tablet in her left and is talking to a man, who is looking at the tablet screen.

Samsung finance solutions in action

Top Products for mobile

Arm customer-facing teams with finance-ready devices, designed for secure service.