Suggested price for out of warranty service

Select the model of your Smartphone and check the approximate out-of-warranty cost for each type of repair:

* For out-of-warranty repairs, Samsung recommends that its customers use the services of its authorized network. In this sense, cell phones and tablets can be repaired by authorized repair centers or authorized technical support, which are third-party companies authorized by Samsung to provide technical support services.

The prices published here are only from CRCs and not from authorized Technical Assistance. To consult technical assistance repair prices, it is necessary to make a consultation directly with an authorized person, which may be different from those presented here.

How to request repair of your product

Out-of-warranty repair performed by a repair center occurs by mailing the product to the repair center, after prior contact with the Samsung Contact Center. The return of the repaired product is made by the repair center directly to the address indicated by the customer.

Note: The repair by an authorized technical assistance occurs through the delivery of the product by the consumer in the assistance center closest to their city and in the same way it would be withdrawn in the same branch where it was delivered.


The Repair Center will examine your product as soon as it is received to confirm whether the defect corresponds or not to that reported to the Contact Center. If a type of repair or any other additional service is required, you will be contacted to obtain information about their prices and authorize the execution of the service.

Type of Repair Approximate Value**
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** This table contains the lowest prices for each type of repair charged by Samsung Authorized Repair Centers. The prices in this table are for informational purposes only and are based exclusively on information provided by authorized Repair Centers. The prices in this table do not include the applicable shipping costs for the product to the repair centers. The prices in this table are applicable from the date 01/07/2020.

Information in US Dollars

For more details, contact the Call Center at 1-800-751-2676