Why can't I hear any game sound?

Last Update date : Jan 24. 2024

If there is no sound while you’re playing a game, there may be an issue with the sound settings. First, you should check to see if the “Mute” feature on your phone is activated. The “Mute” icon can be found at the "My games" area (If your Gaming Hub version is lower than 7.0, the mute icon is at the bottom of the “My games” menu). If this feature is activated, there will be no sound during game play.

  1. On the “Gaming Hub” home screen, expand the toolbar and tap the “Mute” icon status at the “My games” area.
  2. If there is a ‘/’ in the Mute icon, it means that the Mute feature is activated. Please tap the icon again to deactivate.

Please note: The location of the “Mute” icon is different depending on which device you use. This feature may not be supported on some models.

1.- Tap Mute icon to deactivate the feature.

2.- Tap Mute icon to activate the feature.

3.- Tap Turn off (7.0 and above only).

In case of doubts,

In case of doubts,

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