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Your QLED TV with
Ambient Mode

Blend your TV right into your space.

A family is sitting on a dining table and having a meal together. Behind them, QLED TV is hung on the wall with its Info mode on. With its Info display mode, QLED TV with Ambient Mode turns into weather information board in the kitchen.

2019 Samsung QLED TVs are more than simply TVs—they’re a part of your lifestyle, and not only when they’re in use. Say goodbye to an empty black screen messing up your carefully designed interior. Whether you prefer seeing gorgeous art, news headlines, or photos, Ambient Mode is an easy way to transform your living room.

Thanks to its 4K resolution and HDR technology, just like a chameleon, QLED TV can perfectly blend into th wall.

Complete your home’s design

You decorate your home to suit your life, and a TV should fit right in whether it’s on or on standby. Most TVs are a blank space, harshly contrasting against your clean walls. With Ambient Mode, QLED TVs display what you want to see, so you can decide how you enjoy your TV, even when you’re not watching.

QLED TV is hung on the brick wall. With Ambient Mode, the background of the screen is changed into the same color and pattern of the wall, so that the TV blends well into the surrounding.
Logo of Samsung TV’s Ambient Mode
Ambient Options

With three different background options, your QLED TV will adapt to blend with your space seamlessly


The simple aesthetic solution

Ambient Mode takes your QLED TV screen from black to color like a screensaver, blending it in with your TV wall design when your TV isn’t in use. The TV’s sensors adjust to different lighting to conserve energy and turn off after a preset amount of time. Activate it with the click of a button on your smart remote—you’ll just need SmartThings to set it up.

Logo of Samsung TV’s Ambient Mode
Ambient Options

With three different background options, your QLED TV will adapt to blend with your space seamlessly

QLED TV is hung on the wall with its Ambient Mode on.
QLED TV’s Ambient mode has various options such as current weather, mountain décor, Family photos and moving images. It can blend with the surrounding home interior either mounted to wall or set on stand.
Only with a few steps, QLED TV can mimic the background in Ambient Mode.

Copy and paste your wall onto the screen. Use the SmartThings app to take a picture of one of the three areas of the wall around your TV, and your TV will be filled in with the background image that mirrors the color and texture of the wall.

QLED TV is hung on the wall with its photo mode on.
Ambient Mode' allows you to view information such as weather, time, and news, or to display pictures and videos on the screen even when you are not watching TV.

Hide your TV in plain sight

When your QLED TV is on, you’re captivated by breathtaking picture; but when it’s off, you only see a thin frame as if it’s simply hanging on the wall. Once Ambient Mode is set up, you can enjoy a sleek rectangle décor that easily harmonizes with the room. And a TV wall mount like No Gap Wall-Mount keeps your TV hung close to the wall to conceal it even further. So your QLED TV is there when you need it and “disappears” when you don’t.

QLED TV is put on a table with its photo mode on and children are playing in the living room. Ambient Mode of QLED TV doesn’t just mimic the wall. Make the most out of it with three settings. Deco, Info and Photo mode.

But mimicking the wall is only the beginning. Make the most of Ambient Mode by changing your screen to reflect your mood with these three settings:
Deco: Decorate your walls with elegant art skins.
Info: Keep up with the time, weather, or news headlines.
Photo: Use memories from your gallery to create a digital picture frame.

More settings mean even more ways to create a home that’s “you”.

All it takes is a click of One Remote Control to transform your screen—and your home. And with Ambient Mode’s easy setup, the wall is your canvas.

Transform your screen.

The sleek rectangle design blends in perfectly with your home, providing you with a simple aesthetic solution.



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