What should I do when water does not flow from the refrigerator dispenser properly?

Last Update date : Mar 12. 2023

If you have some issues regarding the water dispenser in your Samsung refrigerator, it may be due to several causes, let’s check the troubleshooting guide below to solve the issue.


Before checking the below guide, you could review this video.

Check1. Check if the door is closed properly.

  • Check to make sure that the door is closed properly. Not doing so will cause cold air to leak out.

Note: The actual design of the display may differ from the model.

Check 2. Make sure the control lock is not on, and Water is selected.

On most refrigerators, Control Lock is turned on and off by touching and holding Control Lock for more than 3 seconds.


Once you know your dispenser is not locked, select between Water, Cubed Ice, or Crushed Ice (although some models have a separate lever for water and ice). When dispensing water, make sure you have Water selected.

ensure the water filter installed properly

Check 3. Check the water line connection.

  • Make sure the water filtering hose is connected to a cold, potable water source pipe.
check the water line connection and the water pressure
  • Make sure there is no leak on the connection.
  • Make sure the joined section of the water line must be straight.

Check 4. Check the reverse osmosis water filtration system.

The water pressure of the water supply system to a reverse osmosis water filtration

system must be between 241 kPa and 827 kPa.

The water pressure of the reverse osmosis water filtration system to the refrigerator’s

cold water line must be at least 276 kPa. 

Check 5. Check if the water filter indicator is displayed.

The water filter replacement icon blinks to alert that it is time to replace the water filter. 

  • Note: Do not use third-party water filters. Use only Samsung-provided or -approved filters.

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