How to use SmartThings on your TV

Last Update date : Apr 06. 2022

SmartThings works with any brand of mobile device and is compatible with 1000s of smart devices. This includes Samsung, as well as products from brands such as Amazon, Google, Philips Hue, Ring and more.
Connect, automate, and manage everything in one easy-to-use SmartThings app on your phone.

How to connect and use devices on TV SmartThings

Here are five types of devices that can be used through TV SmartThings. Please refer to the guide below and connect and use your devices.

smartthings devices

You can connect SmartThings with your Samsung TV using your SmartThings Device. Follow the instructions below to connect SmartThings.

Before you connect SmartThings on your TV, please be sure to turn on your TV and download the SmartThings app on your mobile. You can use SmartThings(cloud) devices that have been registered via the mobile app in advance on TV SmartThings app. The device registration method is as follows.

Step 1. Tap the SmartThings app on your mobile.

Step 2. Tap Add ('+' icon) and tap Device.

Step 3. Tap brand and device.

Step 4. Select location and room, and then tap Next.

Step 5. First, log in to the same Samsung account as the mobile on TV, you can see the devices registered in the TV SmartThings. You can use it by clicking right away.


source devices

Source Device is a device that needs to be connected to an external port such as HDMI or USB port. Source devices include the following devices.

• DVD players and Blu-ray players
• Home theater systems
• Game consoles
• OTT boxes and Set-Top boxes
• USB memory devices

To connect SmartThings to devices connected via Source Devices,

Step 1. To use Source Devices, such as game consoles connected to external ports, select SmartThings from the TV menu.

Step 2. You can select and use the desired device in the SmartThings app.


lagacy devices

A Legacy Device is home appliance that uses a remote control.

To connect SmartThings to a Legacy Device,

Step 1. Using the remote control of the legacy device near the TV, you can check the notification popups on the TV.

Step 2. Click Registration, control pop-up is displayed to test the legacy device control.

Step 3. Next, click Yes, notification pop-ups will be displayed again.

Step 4. Click Go to SmartThings, and you can see the full SmartThings screen.

Compatible devices and functions for Legacy Devices are as follows.

Compatible device


Air Conditioner

Power On/Off, Temperature Up/Down, Wind Up/Down

Air Purifier

Power Toggle, Wind Up/Down

Electric Fan

Power Toggle, Wind Up/Down

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Power Toggle, Start/Stop


Power Toggle, Wind Up/Down

Supported brands for compatible devices are as follows.

  • Air Conditioners: Carrier, Century, Chigo, Conia, Coolfree, Daewoo, Daikin, Derby, Frigidaire, Goodman, Gree, Haier, Hauzen, Himade, Hitachi, Homsys, Hyundai, Lennox, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Rheem, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Trane, Whirlpool, Whisen, Winia, Yonan, York
  • Air Purifiers: Amway, BLUEAIR, Cairs, Carrier, COWAY, Daikin, Dyson, Electrolux, GE, Gree, Hitachi, Idylis, IQAir, Kenmore, LG, Panasonic, Rabbit Air, Sharp, Shinil, Toshiba, Winix
  • Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Ariete, Auto Vacuum, Bobsweep, Ecovacs, Hoover, iRobot, LG, Lifero, MIDEA, Monoprice, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Vileda, Wap, Yujin Robot
  • Humidifiers: Bionaire, Crane, Daewoo, Dyson, Electrolux, Haan, Lasko, Levoit, OA. RedCore, Winia
  • Electric Fans: Airmate, Around, Asahi, Aucma, Balmuda, Bionaire, Black & Decker, Bokuk, Borg, Cecotec, Cuchen, Daewoo, Diamond, Dimplex, Dyson, Ecolighters, Electroman, EMK, Europace, Fusibo, Goldstar, Haan, Haier, Hanabishi, Hanil, Hitachi, HJ, Holmes, Honeywell, Inoq, KDK, KUL, Kuyal, Lasko, LG, Lian, Magic Chef, Midea, Mitsubishi Electric, Moretti, Mylek, Optimus, Panasonic, Rowenta, Samsung, Sharp, Shinil, Smartech, Taurus, Toshiba, Vornado, WindMere

Note: Some of the functions may not work.

lagacy devices

Bluetooth Devices can be used in SmartThings as if using Bluetooth on a mobile. Bluetooth Devices do not provide an alarm on the TV.

To connect SmartThings by Bluetooth Device,

Step 1. Click on the Add Device option in the TV SmartThings app. Bluetooth devices near the TV are searched and shown on the Add Device list.

Step 2. Select and register the Bluetooth device with the TV remote control.

Step 3. In the TV SmartThings app, you can click on the device to connect/disconnect it simply.

Supported equipment for connecting SmartThings is as follows.

  • Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Headsets, Bluetooth Soundbars (Bluetooth standard protocol supported devices: Bluetooth A2DP profile)
  • Bluetooth Keyboards, Bluetooth Mouses, Bluetooth Gamepads
music wall

The method of connecting SmartThings to Mobile is related to the SmartThings registration process.

Step 1. Click on the Add device in the TV SmartThings app. Mobile devices near the TV are searched and shown on the Add Device list.

Step 2. Select the Mobile device and follow the registration step. (connect via Bluetooth).

Step 3. After connecting, play music on mobile, and you can enjoy the “Music Wall” on your TV.

Step 4. In the TV SmartThings app, you can choose mobile, and click the Sound mirroring menu. And then, the Music Wall starts.


  • Bluetooth standard protocol supported devices: Bluetooth A2DP profile.
  • Music Wall displays a visualized pattern and particle movement optimized for music.

How to control SmartThings from voice assistant (Bixby)

Tell your TV to play your favorite content instead of reaching for the remote. Even better, you can control your TV and other connected devices around your home.
Setting up Bixby with your Samsung account will automatically connect it with your SmartThings devices. Simply say “Hi, Bixby” to begin controlling your smart home.

voice assistant

Step 1. Access the Voice menu and set up Bixby.

Step 2. You can control SmartThings devices with your Bixby voice. Say “Hi, Bixby. Turn on Air purifier/bulb”.

Step 3. When the TV is on or off, you can control your home devices with TV Bixby.


Note: Device screenshots and menus may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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