How to use Sound Field (DSP)/EQ function in Audio setting

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020


Sound Field (DSP)/EQ Function


· DSP (Digital Signal Processor): DSP modes have been designed to simulate different acoustic environments.
· EQ : You can select ROCK, POP, or CLASSIC to optimize the sound for the genre of music you are playing


 Please follow the steps below.

1 Press the DSP/EQ button.

· DSP appears on the display panel.

 How to use Sound Field (DSP)/EQ function in Audio setting
2 Each time the button is pressed, the selection changes as follows:


· POP, JAZZ, ROCK: Depending on the genre of music, you can select POP, JAZZ, and ROCK.

· STUDIO: Provides a sense of presence as if in a studio.

· CLUB: Simulates the sound of a dance club with a throbbing bass beat.

· HALL: Provides a clear vocal as if listening in a concert hall.

· MOVIE: Provides the feeling of a movie theater.

· CHURCH: Gives the feel of being in a grand church.

· PASS: Select this for normal listening.


· The DSP/EQ function is only available in STEREO mode. Press the  PL II mode button to show STEREO on the display.
· This feature works with CDs, MP3-CDs, DivX, tuner and Dolby Digital discs.
· When playing a DVD disc encoded with two or more channels, the multi-channel mode will be selected automatically and DSP/EQ does not work.

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