Bring YouTube
to your Smart TV

Get your family and friends together to enjoy YouTube on your TV.
Amplify your YouTube experience by watching on the big screen with a Samsung Smart TV.

Enhance your
YouTube experience

Get immersed in YouTube videos

Dive into all your favourite high quality YouTube videos on the big screen with a Samsung Smart TV. From extreme sports to the latest popular music videos, experience the excitement.

Sit back and enjoy YouTube

Tap into the world of YouTube by watching videos on the big TV screen. No need to click or search after each video. Once you hit play, YouTube will stream videos continuously.

The best way to watch together

Share that can’t-miss-viral video with the whole family, or enjoy learning something new together from the comfort of your couch.

Easy to use on your Smart TV

Dive right in

YouTube channels are just a click away from the Smart Hub. Connect with ease, get recommendations and dive straight into your favorite channel or content.

Search by voice

Find the videos you’re looking for using the voice command function on the One Remote Control. Just ask to open the YouTube App and for the video you want to see.

Stream YouTube from mobile to TV

You can find a video to watch in the YouTube mobile App, and then send it to your TV with a single tap. Your Smart TV will keep streaming even if you open other apps on your mobile device.

YouTube activation

Sign in to YouTube for a personalized experience. 1
Follow these steps to sign in to YouTube on your Samsung Smart TV:

Step 1: Open the YouTube App on your TV.
Step 2: Use your remote to select the "Sign In" icon. Select "Sign In"
Step 3. On your mobile or PC, go to, and enter the activation code when prompted.

Step 4: Click "Allow" to accept YouTube’s terms and conditions. *
Step 5: When you complete the sign-in process, you'll see the confirmation screen in the app.
Step 6: Enjoy your favourite videos on the big screen.

* If you have multiple accounts, you'll need to select one.

* The content within the screen are simulated images and are for demonstration purposes only.
* Available services and features on the Smart TV and the Graphic User Interface (GUI) may vary based on region and/or model.
* Users must agree to Smart Hub Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy before use.
* Compatible Operating System (OS) or app required.
* Shape of TV and remote may differ based on model and/or region.
* Graphic User Interface (GUI), design, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Users must agree to YouTube's terms and conditions.
* This service is provided by YouTube and can be terminated at any time.
1 Google account may be necessary for some features.