A Wider Range Of Apps

Life is easier, healthier and a lot more fun with Gear S2's array of apps and features. All available with a twist and turn.

Images of App GUI examples extending from Gear S2 watch face

Navigating The Gear S2

Everything is possible with just a twist of the bezel or a press of a button.

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Stay In Touch Even Without Your Phone


A turn of the bezel and a light tap is all you need to read and reply to messages.

Gear S2 with Message GUI
Get Message Notifications Right Away


When you're wearing the Gear S2, messages will show up on your wrist with a slight vibration. Take it off and alerts will be automatically turned off.

Gear S2 with message alert GUI with messages showing on smartphone in background
Make Calls To People On Your Contact List With Ease And Simplicity


Gear S2 is as good as your phone when it comes to finding and calling your recent contacts.

Silver and Dark Gray Gear S2 with phone call GUI
Respond To Calls As They Come In


Answer incoming calls with a Bluetooth headset or by picking up your phone. When you're unable to answer right away, you can respond with a simple message.

Gear S2 with call GUI with phone call coming into smartphone in background
Your Friends And Family. Even Closer


Calling or texting your favourite contacts is made easy so you can spend more time with people who matter.

Dark gray Gear S2 with Buddy GUI
Motivation For A Healthier Lifestyle

S Health

Staying fit begins with S Health. Keep motivated to improve your health by tracking your activity, water & caffeine consumption levels and heart rate.

Track Your Fitness Progress

S Health

From walking to running to cycling, get the stats on the amount of exercise you've fit in your busy day. By keeping tabs on your heart rate, Gear S2 is also able to give you a more accurate feedback on the number of calories you've burned.

Silver Gear S2 with S Health GUI
Your Health In Numbers

S Health

Stay motivated to make healthier choices by taking note of your daily water and caffeine intake as well tracking your activity level.

Gear S2 with water consumption GUI
Start, Stop, Run Laps And Break Records


Time your runs or breath-holding sessions with the stopwatch app. It's tap and go.

Gear S2 Classic with Stopwatch GUI
Your Schedule On Command


Checking your calendar is as intuitive as checking the time when you have the Gear S2.

Gear S2 Classic with Schedule GUI
No More Missing Appointments


Stay on schedule by setting calendar alerts. You can choose to get reminders days ahead of important events.

Gear S2 with calender alert GUI
Weatherproof Yourself With The Latest Forecast


Come rain or shine, you'll be prepared whether in Beijing or Paris, day or night.

Silver Gear S2 with Weather GUI
Time Is On Your Side


Setting the alarm is so easy, you won't have an excuse for being late.

Gear S2 Classic with Alarm GUI
Music On The Go

Music player

Select your favourite tunes or playlist in one go. All with your phone safely in your pocket.

Two Gear S2 Classic with Music player GUI
Precision Is Key


Whether it's boiling eggs or timing your speech, the Gear S2 makes for a handy timer.

Dark gray Gear S2 with Timer GUI
Gear S2 Has Your Phone Covered

Find My Phone

No more frantic rummaging for your phone. Find it by using your Gear S2 to make it ring.

Gear s2 with Find My Phone GUI
Managing Your Settings Couldn't Be Easier


No more hassle when changing your settings and preferences. It's twist and tap.

Silver and Dark Gray Gear S2 with Setting GUI
You Can Also Use Your Smartphone To Manage Your Gear S2.

Gear Manager

Download Samsung Gear to your smartphone to manage your Gear S2 with ease. You can get software updates, install new apps and control settings from your phone.

Gear S2 with app tray GUI next to Smartphone
Watch Faces To Suit Any Occasion And More

Customise the watch face by choosing different hands and dials. Or download new watch face designs from the Gear app store.

Gear S2 with watch face GUI next to Smartphone showing watchface selection on screen
Get Phone Notifications Right Away

Set notifications so you can be alerted when you get messages on your smartphone.

Gear S2 with app alert GUI
Managing Apps Is A Breeze

Install and delete apps with ease. You also get to decide where they go on the screen.

Gear S2 with app tray GUI next to Smartphone with app management GUI on screen
An Incredible Range Of Apps And Watch Faces

Make even better use of your Gear S2 by downloading new apps. And when you feel like it, spruce up its look with new faces.

Gear S2 with app GUI with app download screen examples in background
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