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Dance with

Learn the steps and #danceAwesome.

If you’re reading this you’re probably not a member of BLACKPINK, but now thanks to the Galaxy A Series, you can #danceAwesome with Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé or all of the above. It’s pretty much the next best thing to doing it in real life.

Lisa from BLACKPINK is doing the #danceAwesome dance. She's framed with a Samsung A Series phone and her image is repeated 5 times across this phone frame. On the most left and most right image of Lisa, she has an animated A on her legs. About the Lisa framed in the phone the headline reads, #danceAwesome with BLACKPINK
4 members of BLACKPINK teach us an awesome new dance routine with their new Galaxy A devices. The dance is specifically created as a new TikTok challenge for users to share. The words “Galaxy A” and “#danceAwesome” appear on screen before we see the Samsung and TikTok logos at the very end.​

Learn how to #danceAwesome

The Galaxy A Series has all you need in a phone. But, it can’t teach you how to #danceAwesome. So, we gave that job to BLACKPINK’s very own backup dance crew. Follow their steps, and make it awesome.

Two dancers appear in a photo at center frame. They’re dancing in front of an amusement park carousel ride. Using a Photoshop mirror effect, the layered photo appears as a horizontal pattern. In the background, the words ‘Awesome dance’ also form a word pattern. The word ‘Play’ appears at the top left of the image next to a play video emblem.
BLACKPINK members and their backup dancers teach us a new dance challenge with their Galaxy A devices. The dance challenge is created for users to share on TikTok. The words “Galaxy A” and “#danceAwesome” appear on screen before we see the Samsung and TikTok logos at the very end.

Get more Awesome with Galaxy A

Now that you know how to #danceAwesome, you just need to pick your Awesome Phone.
They’ve all got an awesome screen, awesome camera and long-lasting battery life.
All you have to do is find the best fit for your crazy life.

In the middle centre of the screen are 6 Samsung Galaxy A Series phones fanned out. They are all different colors. From left to right, phone 1 is a deep red, phone 2 is a light Apricot orange, phone 3 is a glossy silver, phone 4 is a cobalt blue, phone 5 is a patent leather black, phone 6 is a matte black.
*Availability may vary by country and carrier

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