Galaxy Note EDGE- How to manage the panels on the EDGE screen?

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2020

Follow the steps below:



1. You can add panels to the Edge screen or download panels from Galaxy Apps.

    Drag your finger upwards from the bottom of the Edge screen, and then tap  settings      


    Alternatively, open the All apps screen and tap Settings and Edge screen.

    The Edge screen settings screen will appear.


2. On Edge screen settings screen, panels which are set currently displays. 

    Tap Manage panels.


3. Select the panels you want to show on the edge screen. Or, deselect the you don’t

    want to show on the edge screen. To edit each panel, tap the pencil icon.


managing the edge screen 


4. To download panels, swipe to the right and tap    

    Galaxy Apps will launch. When you launch the app for the first time

    or restart it after performing a data reset, read and agree to the terms and

    conditions. Select and download panels.
5. T
ap Done.

6. To rearrange panels, tap and hold a panel and drag it to the desired location.

     And, to set the Home panel on edge screen , place the desired panel under Home icon


set up 

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