Galaxy Note3: How to reduce fast data consumption?

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020

Users are commonly concerned of the fast drain of data on their Smart Phones.


With Smart Phones, the applications and cloud services are having features of synching and updating their services automatically.


This is just an okay scenario if the device is connected to WiFi.


However, fast usage of data may cost high charges to users if they are not connected to WiFi but only through mobile data while browsing the internet.


Here are the tips on how to minimize the fast drain of Data for your Samsung Smart Phone.



1. If not connected to WiFi and you are not going to use the internet, please turn off Mobile Data.


Drag Finger from top to bottom of the screen and turn off Mobile Data


turn off mobile data 


Just turn it on when needed.



2. Switch off Auto Sync.


Drag Finger from Top to bottom and tap more 



tap more notification panel 



Disable Sync


disable sync 



3. Only enable auto update of applications from Playstore via WiFi and not by Mobile Data.



Tap on Google PlayStore 


 google play store 



Tap Option






Tap Settings





Tap "Auto-update Apps" and select "Auto update apps over Wi-Fi only"


auto update via wifi 


4. With Google Plus, disable auto back up and even if Auto back up is on, activate only the feature while connected to WiFi


In Google+, tap option option  and select Settings.




Select Auto Back up


auto back up 



Turn off auto back up


auto back up 



If you want to do the auto back up, it is recommended to use WiFi only.



back up via wifi only 





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