My device is shattered and there is a crack on my screen

Last Update date : Dec 29. 2021

Did you accidentally drop your device? Sudden physical impact to your device may result in damage such as cracking or shattering of your device’s screen or back cover case (back glass). There are different types and intensities of damage that can result in different issues. Learn how to fix damage by visiting your nearest Samsung Service Center.

Check 1. Causes of screen damage

Cracked screen

When a direct, physical force is applied to a device, it is common for a device’s glass display screen to shatter or crack. To some degree, you can minimize damage with a case or a screen protector, but if damage is present, a repair may be necessary – as soon as possible.

Galaxy device cracked screen

Black spot on the screen

A black spot that resembles an ink stain may appear on displays where the glass screen is not damaged, but the inner portion of the screen mechanisms have been damaged due to prolonged, continuous pressure.

Galaxy device Black spot on the screen

Pixel bleeding

Pixel bleeding generally occurs due to direct impact to your device. This may cause black or other colored lines in the pixel rows or columns to show up.

Galaxy device pixel bleeding

Check 2. Types of screen repairs

Samsung Electronics Service Centers repairs your screen using only genuine, Samsung Authorized parts. After a service center technician thoroughly checks the degree of damage, you will be notified of the repair method and cost associated with it. For screen repairs, there are two types: complete screen replacement and partial repair.

Complete screen replacement

This repair method replaces the entire screen. This process takes place after a Samsung Electronics Service Center technician determines that a complete screen replacement is required. The total repair cost may depend on warranty, insurance, and the model of the device. You can check the estimated cost of replacing your device model’s screen on the Samsung Electronics Customer Support site.

Partial repair

The screen is a single part that consists of a display panel, tempered glass and a front case. A partial repair does not replace the whole screen, but only replaces parts as necessary, such as the display panel or tempered glass while reusing the front case. This lowers the cost of the repair when compared to a complete screen replacement. This type of repair is limited to certain models and may not be available depending on the severity of damage to the device.

(Available models – Galaxy Z Fold3, Z Flip3, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, Z Flip 5G, Z Flip, Z Fold2, Fold, Note20, Note20 Ultra, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Note10, Note10+)


  • Before visiting the service center, please contact the Samsung Electronics Service Customer Support Center to make sure that your replacement part is in stock.
  • If you signed up for insurance or a protection plan, make sure to get the receipt and submit it to your insurance company.

Check 3. When your back cover case (back glass) is damaged

Back glass refers to a device’s back cover case that is made from glass. If the back cover case is damaged due to physical impact or a fall, it can be replaced at a Samsung Electronics Service Center. The cost and method of repair may also depend on the model and whether there is internal damage that needs to be looked at in addition to replacing the external back cover case. For detailed pricing, visit a Samsung Electronics Service Center.

Galaxy device damaged back glass

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