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Oh yeah! It’s almost that time again. A new year brings exciting new adventures. So, will you be doing #MoreOfWhatYouLove in 2021? Our first challenge right off the bat is PLAY MORE — it’s about letting your hair down and having fun for fun’s sake. You know the drill. Tag #withGalaxy for your chance to be featured. Check out our stories for more details.📷: : @omeralidelibas @nara__sai @abin_alby_ @pakehapee
All this time at home has given us all plenty of time to plan the places we can’t wait to visit again.Show us where you want to go #withGalaxy in 2021 and tag us for your chance to be featured.📷: @rivers__and_roads @j1mmys_world @xtrajossanggur @foodlovers.mexico
Besties rock because you can do everything together!So, show what you’re keen to do with your buddies in 2021 #withGalaxy and tag us for your chance to be featured.📷: @josh.perrett @nadiafairfax @jamieout
The best adventures start with a well-laid plan.Show us what you’re most excited about doing #withGalaxy in 2021 and tag us for your chance to be featured. 📷: @mblockk @viennafashionwaltz @jamieout
Rise and shine! Today is a new day that brings with it exciting possibilities of doing what makes us happiest in life. Show us who you’re excited to see in person in 2021 and what fun things you’ll be doing together #withGalaxy. Tag us for your chance to be featured.📷: @tushivats @arifnurdintoaji @stephanuskevin
Catch a glimpse of scenes from #HeartAttack, an original short feature film from writer and director Lee Chung Hyun. Filmed entirely #withGalaxy S20 SeriesWatch the full film now. Tap on link in bio.#HeartAttack #LeeChungHyun #LeeSungKyung
Introducing #HeartAttack a short feature filmed #withGalaxy S20 Series. A story about turning back time to save the one you love. Directed by #LeeChungHyun, produced by Yong Film, and starring #LeeSungKyung.Watch the full film now. Tap on link in bio.
Even in shadows thrown by the light, you can find something beautiful. Share what brightens your day #withGalaxy.📷: @frame.of_reference #GalaxyS8
Cover the distance with a ride of introspection. Head into a new dawn with a brighter outlook. Document the world around you.  Share it #withGalaxy. 📷: @egonslacis #GalaxyS20
Not every family portrait is perfect. But in a way, all of them are.Just a little reminder to document your family moments #withGalaxy.📷: @fadilfadiru #GalaxyA7
You only have to look at children to know that you can’t stop creativity.Keep the child in you alive, keep shooting and creating #withGalaxy 📷: @tandur_ri #GalaxyA6
Step into a moment of calm, and be immersed in the sounds of serenity as you relax your mind this #WorldMentalHealthDay. Share what helps you unwind #withGalaxy. Tag us in your photos and videos.📷: @mblockk
#WorldMentalHealthDay is fast approaching. Remember to take some time to reflect on your state of calm. What do you see when you think of serenity?Share your peace of mind #withGalaxy. Tag us in your photos and videos.📷: @mahealani63, @davidmrlian
As we count the days to #WorldMentalHealthDay, what comes to mind when you think of stress and anxiety? How do you cope? Share a photo or video of what puts your mind at ease #withGalaxy.📷: @oad.ari
Everything - little and big - is worth celebrating with a smile. Thank you for sharing your Smile Stories with us this #WorldSmileDay and don’t stop shooting smiles our way #withGalaxy. Tell us what makes you smile in the comments below.📷: @estefi_varela, @sotos_ioann, @maneemejai
It’s hard not to smile at a smile. As #WorldSmileDay approaches, let your optimism shine through and you’ll see everyone smiling back at you.Share photos or videos of your Smile Stories #withGalaxy and find out more @samsung 📷: @photoluis_it,  @andreealaura28, @pplostinrainbowworld
It’s in our nature to want to be in nature. Agree? Document where you feel most at home #withGalaxy📷: @der.marki #GalaxyS8
Revisit the beauty of nature. Capture it for the world and share it #withGalaxy. 📷: @wanderwithcarl #GalaxyNote10
Moments will always pass you by. But some will never escape you.Capture them all #withGalaxy.📷: @lanka_beauty_sri
Train your eyes on the future. Share what you see. Tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured. 📷: @lalisa_doniho #GalaxyA8
Here’s hoping this will be the dash of color that brightens up your day. Add your own inspiration to the world #withGalaxy📷: @malaysianflavours #GalaxyS20Ultra
Whatever life throws your way, keep moving forward. Keep shooting and sharing #withGalaxy. 📷: @voodoolx #GalaxyS10plus
Near, far or somewhere in between, let’s always find ways to connect. Share yours #withGalaxy.📷: @gamalhdiab #GalaxyS10e
Let’s remind ourselves that distance can be beautiful. Show the world that beauty #withGalaxy.📷: @i_s_ky #GalaxyS9plus
What keeps us apart will keep us together. What does your new normal look like? Capture it and tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured. 📷: @taopitak #GalaxyS20