Samsung Innovation Campus

The future will be driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. In partnership with the prestigious MISK Academy, our
e-learning course will cover the necessary tools and their applications needed to put you ahead of the curve.
Enroll today and to see how your future will unravel.
  • Eligibility
    Youth who are interested in AI*Coding & basic statistics experience required
  • Schedule
    20th July - 22nd October, 2020. 
  • Venue
    Any place of your choice(as long as you are online)

Why this course?

  • Red Icon
    You will be
    able to learn
    AI modeling
    on a concrete
    of mathematics.
  • Blue Icon
    Our curriculum
    will help you to
    experience the
    Machine Learning
    tools and real-world
    problem solving with
    various exercises
    and practical project.
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    Have a fluid
    understanding of,
    and practical
    experience with,
    the process of
    and communicating
    the results of an
    AI project.
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    All learning
    materials will
    be provided
    for free.

Course highlights

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    the basic concepts
    of Probability,
    Linear Algebra,
    and Python.
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    Implement AI
    (Machine Learning
    + Deep Learning)
  • Yellow Icon
    the landscape of
    data science tools
    and their
  • Green Icon
    the process of
    and communicating
    project results.
We would like to
thank our partners
for their support.
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