Measure the Combined Impact of Linear and OTT Campaigns

General Motors is the First Advertiser to Leverage Samsung Measurement


Today Samsung Ads, a leading provider of advanced TV advertising powered by the largest source of video data from smart devices, has announced the launch of Samsung Measurement which will enable advertisers to measure and prove the combined impact of linear and streaming campaigns, and activate on this information. Samsung Measurement has been validated in a pilot program with automotive advertiser General Motors. It will be available to additional advertising verticals in early 2021.


“TV isn’t just linear and isn’t just streaming, it’s both. Advertisers should be able to measure the impact of their entire TV campaigns, not be forced to operate in silos. That is what we achieve with Samsung Measurement,” said Justin Evans, Global Head of Analytics & Insights, Samsung Ads. “Through Samsung Measurement, we are able to show, at a campaign level, how linear and streaming complement each other to reach heavy linear viewers, as well as light linear and cord-cutting audiences.”


For years advertisers have struggled to understand the performance of linear TV by itself, let alone in combination with streaming. Through Samsung Measurement, advertisers have the opportunity to measure household reach, and to increase their sales, buy rate, and in-target reach through optimization recommendations. The solution is powered by Samsung Ads’ proprietary Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data as well as custom integrations with best-in-breed third-party data sources. These integrations take advantage of Samsung’s deterministic data set to understand the linkage between TV exposure and offline sales.


Samsung Measurement for Auto

Through an integration with IHS Polk, Samsung Ads provides measurement and reporting on:

  •  Attribution for linear and streaming advertising
  •  Reach to purchase-based audience targets
  •  Sales opportunities among audiences with preference for linear or streaming


Advertisers have a clear picture of what’s working by audience type and are provided with optimization recommendations to improve performance for KPIs such as: cars sold, in-target reach, in-target rate, effective frequency, and buy rate.


“Our integration with Samsung Ads is helping clients navigate the holistic TV ecosystem and helping them to sell the most cars with the most efficient use of their media budget,” said Joe Kyriakoza, VP & General Manager, Polk Automotive Solutions by IHS Markit.

“Very few media and data partners can measure linear and streaming together and then activate based on that information. With Samsung Measurement we are able to look at the combined impact and effectiveness of our linear and streaming campaigns and then optimize and allocate spend based on how to best reach our consumers,” said Melissa Grady, Chief Marketing Officer of GM’s Cadillac division. “We receive data that validates our audience strategy, and also shows simple ways to enhance it to improve results.”


“With the increased adoption of Connected TV among our clients, it is critical to understand how streaming and linear work together,” said Andy Fisher, Head of Merkury Advanced TV at Merkle . “With Samsung Measurement, we have the ability to activate based on insights to achieve higher levels of performance.”

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