Samsung Ads Establishes Samsung Onboarding Partner Program

Samsung Ads Establishes Samsung Onboarding Partner Program to Offer Advertisers the Ability to Plan and Activate TV Campaigns Leveraging First-Party Data

Capability Bolsters Samsung Ads’ Audience Advisor Planning Capability

Samsung Ads Found Brands Using First-Party Onboarded Data Have a 161% Higher Conversion Rate

NEW YORK – December 14, 2021 – With the demise of third-party cookies coupled with advertisers’ investment in their own customer intelligence, brands are increasingly relying on their first-party datasets. To enable advertisers to leverage these investments throughout its ecosystem, and help brands reach critical audiences on TV, Samsung Ads, a leading provider of advanced TV advertising, has established the Samsung Onboarding Partner Program with leading data management platforms (DMP) and other onboarding platforms to help advertisers gain return on investment (ROI) from their data investments.

Starting in the first quarter of 2022, marketers can access their curated audiences from Acxiom, Adobe, Experian, LiveRamp,Merkle, and Oracle -to both plan and execute campaigns throughout the Samsung Ads network. More partners will be added to the Onboarding Partner Program in 2022.

Advertisers leveraging the program will also receive access to Samsung Ads’ planning capability, Audience Advisor, providing media planning guidance directly tied to advertisers’ ‘own’ segments and /or high value audiences. With Audience Advisor, brands can work with Samsung Ads to enhance their first-party data with Samsung Ads’ proprietary first-party TV data. These integrations will also be made available through the Samsung Ads DSP in the first half of 2022.

“Now, marketers can activate their most valuable asset in the Samsung Ads Ecosystem, their curated audiences made up of their own combinations of first-party and third-party data,” said Justin Evans, Global Head of Analytics & Insights, Samsung Ads. “Data and audience-driven TV is the future for advertisers and Samsung Ads is committed to bringing to market new tools and partnerships for advertisers to leverage different datasets in a safe and secure manner across their media buys.”

Samsung Ads allows advertisers to use their first-party data while respecting consumer privacy preferences, to deliver stronger campaign performance and results. Based on an analysis of hundreds of 2021 campaigns, Samsung Ads found that when brands leveraged their own data it generated up to 161% higher conversion rates than campaigns that did not. For media and entertainment (tune-in) campaigns, use of advertiser first-party onboarded data drove 32% higher conversion rates than campaigns using other targeting strategies.

Launched in Q2 2021, Samsung Audience Advisor provides marketers with a predictive campaign planning offering that helps brands understand the scale, behaviors and time spent by their target audience in ad-supported video on demand (AVOD). By simply plugging in any audience segment, first-party, third-party, or any combination thereof, brands can quantify their reach opportunities in AVOD and gain a predictive view of how much reach and frequency they can achieve for different budget levels. This delivers even more reach, scale, and efficiencies when done through one of the onboarded DMP partners with Samsung Ads.

“We’ve had success activating advertisers’ first-party data on the Samsung Ads platform and rely on partners like Samsung to create turnkey integrations like their Onboarding Partner Program. This allows us to gain greater insights into streaming TV audiences and make our CTV campaigns even more powerful,” said Molly Lashner, Associate Media Director, Mediahub.

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