TV Ad Retargeting

Samsung Ads offers TV Ad Retargeting that empowers brands to identify audiences who saw or missed their TV spots and reconnect with them via mobile, tablet, desktop or OTT. Here’s what you can expect from our platform:


• Drive Media Effectiveness

Reach those who missed your TV spot across any screen, including digital and OTT devices

• Extend Reach

Deliver your message to viewers of your TV ads on digital and OTT devices

• Engage Audiences

Reach viewers who saw your competitor’s ads as quickly as 60 seconds after linear ad airing

• Optimize Reach & Frequency

Get unduplicated Reach and optimal Frequency within Samsung households

How It Works
Samsung Smart TVs have built-in Automated Content Recognition (ACR) technology that can understand viewing behavior and usage including programs, movies, ads, gaming content and OTT apps in real-time. It’s a simple 3-step process:

1. Let us know the brand and title of the commercial spot you would like to target for your TV Ad Retargeting campaign.
2. The selected commercial is recognized and instantly matched with our ACR data.
3. Retargeting campaign is activated for the selected TV commercial based on pre-aligned campaign parameters.