Sydney Opera House

Samsung Electronics Australia is the first ever Principal Partner of the Sydney Opera House. This multi-million dollar, three-year partnership is both the largest ever for the Opera House and the largest arts sponsorship ever for Samsung Electronics Australia.

This collaboration will transform the Opera House experience via a diverse range of Samsung’s state-of-the-art technology. Together with the Sydney Opera House, we hope to create a richer, more sophisticated and interactive Opera House experience, for the 8.2 million people who visit the precinct each year. We will do this through interactive digital display screens and mobile technologies; as well as using Samsung technology to extend the Opera House experience to millions more Australians, regardless of where they live.

A long-term aspiration of the partnership is that Samsung will collaborate with the Opera House on a Multimedia Education Facility: a space, on site where patrons, students and school groups can explore the art created at the Opera House in new ways and learn creatively.

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