Resetting or unlocking the OSD (On Screen Display) menu on the LCD monitor

Last Update date : 2017.10.11

To reset the OSD (On Screen Display) menu on your LCD monitor, follow these steps:



Step 1:  Press the Menu button on the Samsung Monitor. You should see either of the 2 screens below:




Step 2:  Using the UP and DOWN buttons, select the 5th option (Left side menu type) or SETUP&RESET (Right side menu type).


Step 3:  Select the RESET option and then press Enter enter button  button. The monitor should then restore the default settings.





    You must perform both Image Reset and Color Reset to reset your monitor completely to factory resets.

    Some monitors can be reset by pressing the Source button for 20 seconds. If your monitor does not have this feature, follow the steps for the appropriate model above.

    The procedures above work with most Samsung monitors. Yours may be different. For exact instructions on resetting your monitor, you may refer to the User's manual.

    If the monitor’s OSD menu is locked and you are not able to use the reset procedure, it must first be unlocked.



To unlock the OSD menu, press and hold down the Source button for more than 15 seconds.




    Depending on the model of your monitor the controls may be located either at the front panel or a lever/joystick behind the monitor.

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