Air Purifier with 39㎡

Capacity 39 ㎡
Price RRP RM1,099

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4-Step Filtration System

4-Step Filtration System

Virus Doctor

Virus Doctor

Easy Filter

Easy Filter

Quiet Mode

Quiet Mode

Intensive 4 steps air purification

A 4 step filtration system is outstandingly effective* at capturing house dust and up to 99% of ultrafine particles.** It also uses activated charcoal to remove odor causing gases, like ammonia.*

Reduces harmful viruses***

The S Plasma Ionizer helps remove up to 99% of contaminants, bacteria and viruses.*** It's also extremely effective in capturing airborne allergens, such as pollen, so the air you breathe is kept clean and healthy.****

Air Quality? Check it now!

The 4-color Indicator lets you see the pollution level before your eyes! Using Dust and Gas sensors, a colored light shows the level of dust and harmful gas, so you'll immediately know how pure the air is.

Enjoy the quiet life

Gives you pure air to breathe, but does it so silently it only generates 20 dBA of sound.***** So it's ideal for places where you relax, concentrate or are sensitive to noise, such as the bedroom, study or baby’s room.

Easy maintenance

A washable Pre-filter only needs periodic cleaning and the 2-in-1 PM2.5 and Deodorization filters can be quickly and easily replaced. Alert icons also light up or blink when it’s time for a clean or change.

Simply more efficient

Convenience is an integral part of its very efficient operation. In Auto mode it automatically adjusts its fan speed to suit the air conditions, so it doesn't waste energy.

Safer to Use

Child Lock prevents any unintended or improper use – especially by children.

Stylishly enhances any space

Features a stylish premium design that blends harmoniously with modern interiors to create an elegant atmosphere. Its smooth rounded corners and wavy fabric pattern add a contemporary and sophisticated look.

  • 39 ㎡ Capacity (㎡)
  • 325.7 ㎥/h CADR (㎥/h)
  • 45 dBA Noise (dBA)
  • 34 W Power Consumption(W)
  • 6.5 kg Net Weight(kg)
  • 361 x 481 x 233 mm Net Dimension (WxHxD, ㎜*㎜*㎜)

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* Certified by Korean air cleaning association and Korea Conformity Laboratories for ammonia, acetaldehyde and acetic acid. Also tested in Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing Technology for formaldehyde, TVOCs and benzene.
** Tested in KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials) for 0.02µm, 0.1µm.
*** Based on internal testing. Effective in removing 4 viruses, including Subtype H1N1, and certain bacteria. Data has been measured under specific testing conditions and results may vary based on environmental factors and individual use.
**** Tested in Kitasato Environmental Science Center (Japan) & Yonsei Univ. (Korea) / Korea test lab (FITI/KEMTI) and Japan test lab (ITEA).
***** Based on internal testing. Results may vary depending on individual use
#Product color shown in above features are for illustration purpose only.