Dualcook Oven


The Samsung 'Prezio' dual cook oven has been designed to add convenience to your kitchen with eye catching style. You can now cook two separate dishes for different times, at different temperatures in the same oven. Twin convection fans mean the oven is quick to heat and maintains a balanced temperature, while the pyrolytic cleaning function means that you will never have to scrub away at stubborn grease and grime again. 4.634 5 82 reviews

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At a Glance
  • Dual Cook technology
  • Stylish twin LED display
  • 'A’ grade energy efficiency
  • Self cleaning with pyrolytic process

Awards & Warranty

Double the oven
Use the space as one oven, or two. Just slide in the removable shelf and you can heat each area to a different temperature and for a different length of time. Bake an apple pie and sear sea bass at the same time with zero transference of smell or flavour.
Double the oven
Perfect timing
Two rows of LED displays show precise temperature and time settings for both parts of the oven. Get everything to the table on time, even when you’re serving several courses.
Perfect timing


Super-high temperature burns off any deposits. Afterwards, all you need to do is wipe up the dust with a damp cloth.

Energy efficient

Only use the space you need, and save on energy costs. And if you just need half the oven, it heats up quicker (so you save time, too).
Energy efficient

Peace of mind

Our 5-year parts and labour warranty extends the protection of your oven.
Peace of mind

State-of-the-art design

A black glass exterior and sleek angles, at home in your dream kitchen.
State-of-the-art design

General Features

  • Child LockYes
  • Cavity InteriorCeramic Enamel
  • Oven DoorsQuadruple Glazed
  • Oven ColorBlack Glass
  • Door Opening TypeDrop Down
  • Upper Grill

    • In/Out1600W / 1100W
  • Lower Grill1100W
  • Single Mode

    • Bottom + ConvectionYes
    • Large GrillYes
    • Small GrillYes
    • Top Heat + ConvectionYes
  • End TimerYes
  • Interior Lamp1 x 40W, 1 x 25W
  • Interior Light

    • PositionRight side, Back side
  • Auto CookYes
  • Language OptionNo
  • SoundYes
  • Light (Lamp) On/OffYes

General Information

  • Control Method

    • Oven/DisplayTouch / Twin LED
  • Oven TypeBuilt in - Dual cook
  • Convection

    • Upper/LowerYes
  • Cleaning MethodPyrolytic
  • ClockYes
  • Cook TimerYes
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Equipment Supplied

  • Square Baking Tray2
  • Square Wire Rack2
  • Telescopic RackNo
  • Cook BookNo

Physical Specification

  • Dimension

    • Cavity (Single) (WxHxD)464 x 370 x 410mm
    • Cavity (Upper/Lower) (WxHxD)435 x (U160, L170) x 400mm
    • Outside (WxHxD)595 x 595 x 572mm
    • Cutout (WxHxD)560 x 570 x 550mm
    • Shipping (WxHxD)700 x 750 x 700mm
    • Usable Capacity65L
    • Usable Size (WxHxD)430 x 360 x 400mm
    • Economic Cavity (Upper/Lower)30 Litres / 32 Litres


  • Steam CleaningYes


  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Single/Lower/Upper/Twin)Yes
  • Energy Class (Convection)AAA

Loading Quantity

  • 20/40ft153


  • Package51kg
  • Net Weight45kg

Ratings and Reviews (82)

Overall Ratings

75 out of 82 (91%) customers recommend this product





- Gender: - Age:
Sleek and Cook

Not only does it look good it performs very well. need to read up on how to use, but once you know how your away!

Edinburgh - Gender: Female - Age: 35-44
Excellent but

I am really pleased with my new cooker. followed the instructions and cleaned it and heated it through for 2 hours before use - awful smell for those2 hours but none since.

Heats up quickly. Love using it as 2 seperate ovens it's great for cooking desert at the same time as a main course. It's much quiter than my old cooker but then it was on it's last legs so maybe not a good comparison. The downside the on off button is not illuminated and very difficult to see I find myself squinting to find it or randomly pressing near where I think it is. There isa bit of heat transfer between the 2 sections although not quite enough to warm plates through. It does take a bit of time to get used to all the functions but once you have it's worth it.

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Midlands - Gender: Male - Age: 25-34
Oven equivalent of an iPad

Good looking and functional in one package? Can't have the best of both? Wrong! Buy this oven, it really is the bees knees. Typically like any blokeI don't do instructions and figured it out in no time at all.

Want something east to keep clean? Ideal then, no silly knobs and buttons, just wipe it down with a micro fibre cloth and it's back to spangly in no time. Not used the 'pyro' function yet, would need to read the instructions but a quick wipe after use negates the need as yet. The divider is a thing of genius. Just use half the oven if need be and a lot less electricity in the process. It's the way forward, wish I'd have got one sooner. We'll done samsung.

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South Wales - Gender: Female - Age: 45-54
Total waste of money

Returned this cooker after the hinge broke twice, and self clean wouldn't work. Found it didn't heat up to the temperature it was set to, we had to cook food for double the time recommended.

Shelves had a rigid so you have to pick trays or dishes off them, instead of sliding. Complicated to operate, especially as to start you can't even see the on button, as it isn't lit! Samsung customer services were horrendous, wouldn't buy another appliance from them.

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