USB 3.0 Data Cable (21pin)


USB 3.0 Data Cable (21pin) If you want to enjoy reliable power management and faster transmission speeds, try the new USB Data Cable 3.0. 3.5 5 4 reviews

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USB 3.0 Data Cable (21pin)


  • Transfer data to your device quickly and efficiently
  • Charge your device’s battery safely and reliably
  • Use it with a range of 21-pin compatible devices
  • Connect to your PC’s USB port or a mains adaptor

Stable charging and fast data transmission at a time

Stable charging and fast data transmission at a time
In order to maximise the efficiency of data transmission of Smartphone and PC that support USB 3.0 interface, you just use the USB Data Cable. And there are two ways of charging your Smartphone with the USB Data Cable 3.0. One is using an adapter or desktop PC/laptop that supports the charging USB 2.0 interface. The other one is using it by connecting the device that supports the USB 3.0 interface.   ※ Depending on your environment, the maximum data transfer rate may vary. ※ Some devices that support USB 3.0 interface may not be compatible with it.

tech specs


  • Colour


General Features

  • Features

    USB 3.0 Compatible

  • Packaging Contents

    USB Data Cable



  • Input Voltage


  • Output Current


  • Output Voltage


Physical Dimension

  • Dimensions (W x H x D)

    110 x 50 x 20 mm

  • Weight

    Net : 2.1 g

  • Cable Length

    1.5 m


  • Compatible Models

    USB 3.0 Device


Owners Overall Ratings

3 out of 4 (75%) customers recommend this product

  • Features3.7/5.0
  • Performance4.0/5.0
  • Design3.2/5.0
  • Value3.2/5.0

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  • Features4/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design4/5.0
  • Value3/5.0

The cable to use with your Samsung smart phone

I alternate between micro USB cables and these Samsung cables, based on what is convenient. As you know, these phones require frequent charging, so much so that I frequently operate my device while it's plugged in in order to avoid discharging the battery (I hope that this extends the life of the battery by reducing recharge cycles).

So I've noticed two things about this type cable: it recharges the device faster and it allows for a more secure connection. Speed of recharging matters, and using a 2 amp charger and an official Samsung cable speeds this process considerably. With the style of connector Samsung has chosen, a micro USB cord tends to wiggle too much to maintain a connection. Since this cable has a larger surface, it allows a more stable connection. Only using the 21 pin cable allows a stable-enough connection to hold and use the phone as it charges.

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Customer review from samsung.com/us/



  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design5/5.0
  • Value5/5.0

Works Great

This is the cord that comes with the original charger.

Customer review from samsung.com/us/



  • Features5/5.0
  • Performance5/5.0
  • Design1/5.0
  • Value4/5.0

First design is a little flimsy

Had my charge cable from new out of the box for 3 days before the handset end failed and separated. Contacted Samsung support and they replaced it without question - the version I got for a replacement is much more robust and sturdy, and has not had an issue.

Customer review from samsung.com/us/



  • Features1/5.0
  • Performance1/5.0
  • Design3/5.0
  • Value1/5.0


The one came with the phone never work hence I bought another and that one dead within a month